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Sri Yantra


 Sri Yantra Maha Meru with Prana Pratishtapana & Mantra Siddha By Our Siddha Guruji

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Buy Sri Yantra Pendent

 Sri Yantra Pendant/locket with Chain (24Kt Gold plated):

With Soubagya Panchadasi Mantra inscribed

Blessed & Energized by Sadguru Sivapremanandaji

(All Srividya Sadhaks Must Wear It)

shree yantra pendent


shree yantra pendent

NOTE: We don’t accept orders from Outside India/abroad. We can delivery sriyantra pendants within India Only.

This is because the shipping cost  to abroad is 3-5 times more compared to pendant price. 

If you have ordered sriyantra from us then we can accept order for pendant because we can manage to place pendant in the sriyantra box. In that case, You can place an order separately by transfering USD$ 33/pendant to our paypal

Product Info

  • The Sri Yantra Pendant/Locket is a two faced locket which has Sri Yantra on the Front side and Soubhagya Mantra onback side

  • 30mm diameter x 1.5mm

  • 24kt Gold Plated on Metal Alloy

  • With 24kt Gold Plated Chain of 650mm long

  • Price : Rs.1800 ( Shipping charges Included)

Do you?

  • Want to full fill all your heart desires?

  • Want to improve your financial condition

  • Always think competition stronger than you hence feel weak and unenthusiastic before every step?

  • Feel insecure and weak from within?

  • Feel you need more strength in your daily life?

  • Feel you need protection from negativity with you all the time?


  • Opens the gates of abundance, wealth and prosperity in your life.

  • Removes all the mental and spiritual barriers that stop abundance flowing into your life.

  • Drastically improves every aspect of life.

  • Provides positivity to the mind body and soul.

  • Helps in improving concentration towards work/studies.

  • Helps in overcoming fears and evil thoughts

    Online Payment Options:

    Rs.1800 (Within India Only)

    Offline Payment Options:

    You can order Sriyantra pendant by transferring funds to the following bank account and send an email about payment information to

    Account holder Name: Mula Varga Self-Realization Centre

    Bank Name: ICICI Bank

    Bank Account Number: 233705500066

    IFSCode: ICIC0002337

    SWIFT Code(for International transfer): ICICINBBNRI

    Branch Address: Banashankari 2nd Stage,Bangalore-70


    1)Can i wear it all the time or only during Sadhana time?

    You can wear it all the time except during taking bath. Because contact with water can reduce the life span of gold plating of pendant/locket & chain. If possible remove it at night and wear It after bath for whole day.

    2) How do I need to follow its sacredness?

    We seal the energy field/Aura/Sacredness of pendant/locket after energization and programming. So you don’t need to worry about it.

    3)Do i need to perform puja before wearing it? Or any regular puja needed?

    Not necessary. All puja like pranapratisthana and programming is done by us. You just wear it on any Friday or good day.

    4) After some days does it needs cleaning? if yes then how?

    Actually, cleaning is not needed. But in case if it is fall down or somehow if cleaning needed then you can use wet cloth to clean it.

    5)In home, if anyone expired or any inauspicious event like shradha etc during this time can I wear it?

    No such rules apply for it because its energy is sealed. You can wear it irrespective of any such events happen.

    6) Can women wear during menstrual period?

    You can wear it because its energy is sealed. Actually, It helps to balance your emotions, glands and energy during menstrual period.  

    7)I am already wearing Rudraksh, Can I wear Sriyantra pendent with it?

    Sriyantra is a symbol of Universal Power and Harmony. It supports all type of energy and any other pendant or rudrakshs etc.


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