Guru Lineage

Guru Lineage of Sri Sivapremanandaji

Since childhood days, Sivapremanandaji had a basic questions of life in his mind like ‘who am I? where I came from?  What is the link between me and Universe?’. He was searching for the answers for years together. In the quest for truth, He met his Guru Sivakami OmAnandi in the year 2000 and later had a darshan of Satguru Mahasiddhar Thirumoolar whose grace enlightened him.

Sri Sivapremananda Guruji

In his youth, he used to spend daily 4 to 5 hours during morning hours in mantra recitation, kriya pranayama and meditation. On festival days, he used to spend a whole day or whole night in doing such practices. Sometimes joined to local siddhas who had shared many  spiritual secrets and truths. This started in 1999 and continued for many years. Even though he never involved into tantric practices, his spiritual experiences gave him a deep insight into the inner meanings of mantras, yantras and tantras.

Once the elevation of soul starts, it will be able to receive the divine blessings and Guidance from Siddha Masters. An old yogi started appearing many times in his dreams giving instructions when he got initiated from Sivakami OmAnandi. Soon he realized that the yogi is none otherthan the Mahasiddhar Thirumoolar. On several occasions he had darshan of Lord Siva as Nilakanta, Mahavatar babaji and Lahari mahashaya and sometimes other gods and goddesses whom he never heard of. Sivapremanandaji shared his experiences here not with an intention to boast himself, but with an intention to boost confidence in the people who are ascending the spiritual ladder.

After experiencing higher states of Samadhi, Sivapremanandaji willing to share Sri Vidya teachings for the benefit of those who aspire for Self-Realization but don’t know where to begin, or their worldly responsibilities are too great to allow them the time to pursue in-depth studies or attend lengthy retreats.

Now Sivapremanandaji helping sincere spiritual seekers through Thirumoolar Siva Yoga and Sri Vidya Sadhana Online.  His Professional Education is as follows,

  • M.S. in Biochemical Science from Technical University Munich, Germany.
  • PhD in Biomedicine from University of Barcelona, Spain.
  • Post-Doctorate in Cancer Biology in from Loyola Universit Chicago, USA.