“How to handle painful memories clearing during Siva Sadhana?”

Whenever you want to clean anything you first clean the dirt. Only then you can see the beauty of the item or the thing. After cleansing the thing Shine with its beauty and purity.

The same applies to you.

Until unless all your Karmic baggage of this life and all past lives is removed; your emotional demons and memory patterns are  removed, you will not be happy.

This is a cleansing process. You have to accept this with much pride and feeling of gratitude towards divine mother because she is cleaning our garbage for us which you cannot do it for yourself as you cannot see it.

When you put divine Mother’s energy or Tirumoolar’s Shiva mantra, it starts cleansing.

It’s like our Karmic baggage is a bottle of ink water and Thirumoolar’s Shiva mantra is pure water… what happens when you keep on adding the pure water into the bottle of ink water? the inkwater is replaced completely with pure water.

The process has started… its a cleansing process; a purification process which you need to accept with humility and gratitude thanking Lord Shiva. ” Lord Shiva, You have brought about this cleansing in me. You have made me to face all my past Demons of my childhood and past life. I am thankful. I let go. This pain that is happening is for my highest good, so I accept it.”

This way you have to think, but if you feel the pain is too much, you stop the practice for one or two days… take a break, take a gap.

Settle down with your things if you cannot handle them and then slowly you resume your practice. Okay?

If you feel the release is too much then do Shiva yoga – level 1 only one round. And stop it, okay?  Then do Soham and Neti Neti for 5 minutes each and stop.

That’s  the way… if you cannot handle the release reduce your practice, take a gap and resume the practice.

But you understand this as the highest blessing. We are on this earth and we don’t know how much our past life Karma and thousands of Lives Karma are and all these have to be cleared. All the baggages that we have stored from many, many  lifetimes have to be cleared.

Then only your soul can Shine and you can bring divinity and bliss in your life.


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