Purpose of mantra japa apart from meditation?

by Sri Sivapremananda Ji

What exactly is the purpose of chanting mantras during the day, outside our sadhana? I have noticed that I feel very alert and powerful when I chant the Krodha Raja Bhairava mantra when I am out of my home. But should I be chanting the Srividya level 2 mantra or Rajamatangi’s moola mantra?

When we do japa, we are holding the vibration of the divine. It is called feeling the divine presence during your waking state of consciousness. In meditation it is easier to feel divine energy, divine consciousness and divine vibrations. But when we come outside the meditative state we experience different emotions, different thoughts–some of them are positive, some of them are negative. So instead of thinking about all of this if I go on chanting the mantra holding the divine vibration, divine presence can be felt and we experience that divinity in the present moment. At the same time, we burn the thinking pattern, negative worrying nature, and all the unnecessary thoughts and we start creating a new future that is good for our life. So, mantra japa after the meditation, after the sadhana is very important. And self-analysis (how many times I think of negative thoughts in a day, how many times I think of negative thoughts in a day, how many times I behave negatively with my family, people and my job), everything should be observed as a soul, as a spark of Shiva-Shakti. Remembering always whenever we detach and observe we take one step ahead to the path of ascension. That is, self-ascension is a vertical path. So japa is very important. So apart from meditation, do the japa.

The second question you are telling is that you feel more powerful with the Krodha Raja Bhairava mantra. It’s ok, you can do the Krodha Raja Bhairava mantra then you also do Sri Vidya level 2 mantra, then you also do Matangi mantra. So you have plenty of time–twelve hours a day you are spending your waking state of consciousness–so half-hour to one hour you chant Krodha Raja Bhairava mantra where you feel good and other half-hour to one hour you chant Rajamatangi mantra and other half-hour you can do Sri Vidya level 2 moola mantra. Like this, you plan according to what is convenient for your work nature, for your family life or your day to day activities. And sometimes being in silence, especially when the negative thoughts and all of that will come, is also good. So, maintaining silence and doing japa is very important on the path of spiritual growth and progress.

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