“If all mantras lead us to silence, is one mantra more effective than others to cultivate Ajapa japa?”

by sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji


All mantras really don’t lead you to silence. This you need to first understand.Of course, generally I speak that the path is from mantra to silence. It is a very general statement I make. But every mantra has a special purpose.If you chant Durga Saptashati Mantra, you see, it’s not going to take you to silence as it is a very, very aggressive kind.But Shiva Mantras can take you to silence.Very easily you can go into silence with Thirumularji Shiva mantra. Same with So Ham Mantra…this can lead you into silence.So all mantras don’t take you to silence, that you need to understand.Second thing is, every mantra has a specific purpose, specific vibration, specific quality, manifestation and application, okay?So now, whatever guidance you are getting, you just flow with that. Don’t worry about what is to happen after level – 7, okay? Now you are in level – 4 means you enjoy your level – 4 mantra; enjoy the blessing of Bala and enjoy the grace of Raja Matangi okay?And whenever it’s needed you can chant KrodhaRaja Bhairava Mantra.When you reach Level -7, you will be guided, your consciousness will be awakened, your intuition will be awakened, your perception will be changed…at that time you know what mantra need to be chanted, what are the conditions at that time, what situation you are in , what Divine Mother want to guide you to. So don’t worry about anything. At present you need to continue with this journey.A time will come where you reach a state… you reach a state, you know, you will just want to be in silence! Even chanting a mantra becomes a disturbance to you.So according to your journey, your level of consciousness, you will receive the guidance. So at present I suggest and advice that you continue with whatever you are doing without worrying about what will happen after level -7 and all. Ajapa Japa and everything will happen as you progress.Shivoham!

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