How Srividya Sadhana Brings Real Self-Transformation? 

By Sadguru Sivapremanandaji

So whole spirituality is knowing one-self and being one-self, knowing one-self and being one-self. That is what we call real spirituality true spirituality where I discover truth about myself. I find my true identity that I am a soul. I am a pure consciousness. I am awareness. I am not a body not a mind not any other labels roles of my life. I am the one that I am worshipping that is a divinity. I am the one that I am worshipping that is spark of Shiva-Shakti – that is spark of Shiva and Shakti. So that is the true spirituality where it start as a human ends as divine. Where you starts, you as ego consciousness identified with your body, mind and family and all the roles. But you end with a, or disappear and experience that you are a spark of a Shiva and Shakti. So whole spirituality, all the objective of spirituality is to reach that goal. But the problem is from the many life time we have been accumulated many karmic impression psychic impressions that won’t allow us to experience the true joy, true identity, true self. So because of that we need to remove layer by layer whatever we have been accumulated. To remove that layer we need a one weapon that weapon we called high dimension energy or higher dimension consciousness. That is where the deity comes into a play. That is where the deity comes into a play. That’s where we chant the mantra worship the yantras to cleanse our self – to cleanse our self and reach our own divinity our own source our own identity and experience the truth that I am Shiva and Shakti. I am Lalitambika. I am Rajrajeshwari. I am Mahatripursundari. I am Rama. I am Krishna. I am that – I am that. So-hum So-hum. Om-Tatt-Sat. That is a ultimate experience where your path will end where you will drop or you experience the oneness with your own deity. Experience of oneness with your own deity. In the beginning its very difficult to accept it, how I can be a God, I have so many problems, my own people in my home they don’t listen then how I am going to accept I am a, that highest dimension energy. So this conditioning – this conditioning need to be removed. How we are going to remove that? By raising our intuition, by raising our intellectual ability, by raising our soul vibration. Because if I have a consciousness with a certain karmas, certain energy, psychic impression what I going to experience is the same. If I want to change my experience of the inner realty inner world and outer reality outer world I need to raise my consciousness. To raise my consciousness means what I am need to do I need to connect with a higher dimension energy. Again that is where we chant the mantra ok. Do the spiritual practise, meditate then we raise our self, our energy our soul our consciousness. When we raise our soul and energy what happens our perception changes, our belief system changes our thinking system changes. When these things are changes my inner reality changes, when my inner reality changes what could be my outer reality that is also changes. So that is what we called self-transformation. Transforming from within to outside. That is a true transformation. If I say something you do it for one day that is a temporary transformation. I say to you do the fasting one day you do it after wards? But if it happens from within that you know, it is for my, you know it has to be, from awareness, from perception I need to do it. I need to do it without any force it should happen then it is a real transformation.

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