How to Recognize “Your” Guru !

– Sri Sadguru Sivapremananda Ji

How i know who is my guru.?  How to find who is my guru.? This is very very challenging. Very very challenging to the people that, who is really my guru?. How should i find?. You see that if you start finding with your own consciousness. Whom you are going to get? A similar person with similar qualities. If you are believing oh you know while on this spiritual path,brahmacharya is very important. I should take a bath regularly.  I should do the srichakra pooja regularly. If i am not going to do, divine mother is going to get anger. And i will not.

If you have this belief you know , You go to the one master. He is telling the same thing. You Should maintain the brahmacharya. You should be careful you should maintain all the rules and regulations. Then you say that yes. He is my guru. So you see that “yeth bhavm that bavathae” .  even it works in choosing the guru. You got this point. It is very important. If you see your friend circle. Who is going to be your friends. Who has the same mentality. Same mentality. Guru also same mentality. So if you choose a guru, you will choose a matter of a same vibration. If the master is also vibrating at the same thing, how he can lift you to the higher level? That is the question. If he is at the same thing he cannot lift you. Same consciousness, same, he cannot lift you. He should somewhere be above you at the energy level, at the conscious level. Then he can raise your soul.  Raise your vibration. So sadhguru thirumoolar ji says very clearly in thirumanthiram. The moment you go the guru. Your questions are answered without asking. You go there, your monkey mind becomes so peaceful and joyful. You go to a guru where you get a great clarity , that you dont left with any question. Then you know that you found your master. You see that. It is not something you know what you think it is something beyond that, where you go you know you should experience that blissful peaceful awareness in his energy. Where you have a great clarity. Yes, then all my energy blocks, Mind blocks are removed. Yes i am ready for that.  Where he could be able to give you the glimpses of the truth. Or experience of the truth. So it is said by sadhguru, if you’re having these experiences under that guru or master then you know that. Your soul is receiving the grace of that paramathatva. You found your master.

This is very very important question in our life. Very very important. If you do not understand this then what happens. We just go on choosing the masters. But truth is that the master is who choose you. With his experiences, with his prana, With his consciousness, he is who pulls you to that.

And very important is that what are the qualities of  a master is that,

he should have very great clarity, First thing. Whatever you ask he should have to give a clarity on that topic. He should make your mind free from that. That is the first thing.

Second thing is he should have a purity. Purity don’t come from, you know, just talking. He should be a great sadhak from tapasya. Then only you experience that lift in your experience that joy, that bliss when you do the sadhana given by that master whose soul is self purified. I can say that mind and body is purified and aligned by the purity of the soul.

Then the third quality is he should be compassionate and concerned for your enlightenment. He should be not concerned for his own personality. He should be concerned praying for your well being, for your spiritual growth. These three are very important. And a master can attend the clarity. If he experience the truth. If he don’t have experience of truth, there is no clarity. He is also confused. A blind guiding another blind. And both are going to reach where.? Only the darkness.  No light no knowledge , no liberation. So these are very important qualities. When i was doing my sadhana, when i was taking the training under my master, she told me. When she handed over all these teachings, all her powers to me. She told me that i have seen many students here. They have a greater wisdom than you. They have reached more psychic abilities than you. But they don’t qualify for this teaching. Because their heart has not yet reached to the compassionate state. That is how she choose me you know. It is not that you know how much you know knowledgeable person, how many book i can write . no.  how much i concerned for the others. That is the quality. She told me, i can give all the experience. You know one by one i started receiving all the samadhis. Even she lifted me to omm samadhi. The ultimate. Where you experience the pleasure. The ultimate pleasure, that you cannot find in this world. Ultimate pleasure. You know ultimate if i have a pleasure in some worldly things. If it is peak of that. If i compare this to my omm samadhi it is million times more. Million times more. And she told until you don’t experience the omm samadhi you are not ready to teach. Because still you’ll be seeking the pleasure outside. So you are not qualified to give. So that’s what she meditated meditated with me, you know timings, so that she can lift me to that state of consciousness, where i really don’t want to open my eyes and don’t want to come back to this world. So much pleasurable, blissful, joyful amazing. What we call omm samadhi. You know, that is the first gift given by sadhguru. During that omm nadha. But with the help of sivakami with her grace, continuous support, continuous pushup, form her energy , from her soul consciousness. From her intention, lifted to a level, where i experience, and now i can give to to others. I can prepare and give to the one, who is deserved for that. These are all the you know on the path of spirituality. On this you know training to become  a master. To guide to the other people where you will learn all of this. So these qualities are very important. Where you should have a clarity, you should have a purity, out of his tapasya, out of his sadhana. And third thing he should have a compassionate heart plus other things. But these are the main three qualities. That is needed into the masters. Ok . another quality of a master is, unconditional love. There is no condition from this side. Because why i need a condition from this side? There is no question. This is your journey to your self realization. It is your path to self realization, it is your path to shiva sakthi. My only job is to help you and guide you. So i don’t have any conditions. From this side so i only say you that, just drop that guilty feeling. Let go. Accept the divine grace and have a sincere prayer to divine mother to guide you and start your sadhana.



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