After death, where I will go?

Sri Sadguru Sivepremanandaji –

“My inner reality is more important than outside world. That is the main shift in Spiritual sadhak. Please understand.

My inner world is real, and not my outside world! But now what we are thinking – outside world is real, and not the inner world!

When you advance, you know that your shift will be inside. I create – not outside, I create inside!

I create – prosperity, abundance, whatever it is, I create it inside – and it happens.

In India, you see that all Gods have 2 wives – that is the speciality! Ganapati has 2 wives – Riddhi and Siddhi. This means that they have 2 powers and they have shown this symbolically. One is Riddhi and the other power is Siddhi.

Riddhi means it’s the inner world reality – psychic accomplishment or psychic abundance. Siddhi means outside success. So Ganapati is there and Riddhi and Siddhi are next to Him.

What about you? Same – you are also Lord Ganesha only! You also have Riddhi and Siddhi – inner world and external world. So in India, our culture has given all the science in a symbolic way, so that you can understand.

This is the same with Puranas, same with any character you see – it will make you think. Any character, it will make you think. You see that Surya Narayana or the Ratha of the Surya Narayana is run by Aruna. Okay? But if you see that, he has no legs. It will make you think – this guy is riding the horses and this guy has no legs…. How can he go and sit there? Whether Surya has acutally chosen this person? You see that?

Everything is so beautiful, when you go deeper into understanding the esotoric meaning of everything, then you understand.

What are the 7 horses? – They are your 7 Chakras. Got this point?

My intellectual ability is Aruna. Without the Surya – that is the Soul, it cannot function – it don’t have real legs. You see that? Then you realize how it all works.

Where is Surya actually? – Within you – its your soul.

All of this – you learn all of that – Who is Ganesha, who is Karthikeya – where is He? – within you!

Where is Durga, where is Lalitambika, where is Shiva, where is Consciousness, where is Ram – ultimately you realize that my soul is everything!

So I need to focus on Soul. So every Master, every Yogi realize that – He read the Scriptures, He read the Puranas, He realize that all this is written for me to know myself. I need to turn back and see myself – realize myself.

Find real Rama – you see, when I chant the Rama mantra, okay, what is the siddhi of Rama mantra? I become Rama!

When I chant Shiva mantra – what is the siddhi of that? I become Shiva!

Whatever I chant, whatever I focus, inside, my astral body takes that form of God. Please understand this – this is Science. In occult, we understand this – whatever I worship – I become that!

If I worship Lalitambika – what form will my subtle body have? It will be Lalitambika only! If I worship the Naga devata – what form will your subtle body have? It will be Naga devata only…

So at the time of death where you will go? Universal Law of vibration and Law of Attraction say – “Like attracts the like!”

So if you are worshipping Naga devata, where you will go? – you will go to Nagaloka.

If you are worshipping Siddhas, where you will go? – you will go to Siddhaloka.

If you are worshipping Shiva, where you will go? – you will go to Shivaloka.

If you are worshipping Vishnu, where you will go? – you will go to Vishnuloka.

That is what our Siddhas have written, our Scriptures are saying this very clearly about where you will go after death. So be careful about what you worship, for that is your destiny! That is your goal!

If you worship formless, what will you be? You will be formless after death. And where will you be? You will be everywhere! And that is our goal! Is it clear to you?

I am not sending you to Shivapuri, Vishnupuri and all that… I am sending you to everywhere! That is the goal of Srividhya Sadhana!”

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