Ajapa japa of ‘Soham’ for Shri Vidya Sadhaks

-Shri Sadguru Shivapremanandaji


Sadhak’s question: Because death seems near, although the body seems healthy, I would like to focus on self and God realization more consistently throughout the day in addition to recommended daily Shri vidya sadhana.

Tirumantiram tantra 2403 says, “The mantram ‘Soham’, That Vedantins intone, Is but Siva Yoga.” So I would like to continue Soham ajapa japa, but only with the Guru’s blessing.

Could that mantra then be activated for me? Or would it be better for me to focus on Moola mantra throughout the day?

Guruji’s answer: After the Sadhana, you include Soham Pranayama, that’s one thing, you can do.

And apart from the moolamantra sadhana, for example, we have 12 hours a day, hardly, you may chant 1 hour Moola mantra of Shri Vidya and other time you can chant the Soham mantra,  more of aligning with the breathing.

If you do the Soham, it is more effective. Of course, mental chanting is also effective.

But apart from that, if you align with breathe, then what happens? Your mind will be less active, your soul will be more active. And your awareness will be more grounded into your present state, present moment.

You have the permission and this mantra is seeded in all my students. Soham is the practice that we do in the group meditation.

We do this so, because I made an intention that this mantra should bless all.

You can do this plus moola mantra. If you’re too much attracted, that you want to give your 100% to Soham, you can do it.

If you do Shri vidya in the morning, you can do Soham in the evening or the whole day.

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