Sadhaka question – “This happened to me once before starting meditation. I remember my ancestor and I did the forgiveness prayer. And as soon as I completed doing the prayer, I felt sudden, intense pain in my chest area. It went away only after completing Srividhya Sadhana. I want to know why this has happened and it has not happened again with the same ancestor or with anyone else after this occured.”

Guruji’s answer –

“So you need to understand whenever we are connected with our ancestor or another person especially the strong relationship – it means that we are connected with energy chords.

We are not only physcially communicating with another person, we are also communicating, responding energetically with another person.

So, when you are speaking about your ancestor – he is not in the physical plane, but he has his own subtle body. The connection with him and you as an energy chord will be there. So when you did the forgiveness exercise, the energy chord that was connected – whenever it is emotional, it is connected to your heart center. Your heart center is the emotional center where you feel the pain, you feel the emotional burden.

So when you did this prayer, it was successful, and you were able to feel the intense pain of separation – maybe it is not from your side, it could be from your ancestor. He may have felt it – the bond between you and your ancestor is disconnected. Now he is on his own path on the ascension and you are on your own path of spiritual growth and self-realization.

So it did not occur after you did the forgiveness exercise, you did the Srividhya meditation, and in Srividhya meditation you were able to bring the healing and cleansing to your own heart center. So this is a very positive thing as you have learnt –

  1. How to disconnect from your ancestor – very important

  2. How to payback and

  3. How to manage your energy and walk on the path of truth.

So this is one of the good experiences and even others can understand how to disconnect from our ancestors with forgiveness – when we feel any guilt, any hurt and liberate from this relationship, from this issue, from this bondage and walk on the path of truth.

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