Are Batuka Bhairava and Matangi siddhi sadhanas ?

Q:Guruji you have mentioned Batuk Bhairav and Matangi are Siddhi sadhanas… but I’m confused what siddhi should I do? Please guide.

A: You see when i say siddhi sadhana means it is not about the spiritual siddhi ,i’m talking about the success accomplishment okay siddhi in this outside world is  accomplishment of your goal so that is what the manifestation of your desire that’s what you say Raja matangi is a goddess of manifestation Vatuka bhairava is the master of the success so i’m talking in that term so you need to manifest you are in a home you need to manifest your job or relationship marriage or even any dream outside goal can be manifested with raja matangi and Bhairava Sadhana.

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