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 Sri Yantra Pendant/locket with Pearl Mala 

Blessed & Energized by Sadguru Sivapremanandaji

For any Query Please Call: 7483528148 / 9901019177  (Sunday Closed)



For any queries Please Call: 7483528148 / 9901019177

NOTE: We don’t accept orders from Outside India/abroad. We can delivery sriyantra pendants within India Only.


Product Info

  • The Sri Yantra Pendant/Locket gold plated

  • 30mm diameter x 1.5mm

  • 24kt Gold Plated on Metal Alloy

  • With Pearl Mala

  • Price : Rs.2100 ( Shipping charges Included)



  • Opens the gates of abundance, wealth and prosperity in your life.

  • Removes all the mental and spiritual barriers that stop abundance flowing into your life.

  • Drastically improves every aspect of life.

  • Provides positivity to the mind body and soul.

  • Helps in improving concentration towards work/studies.

  • Helps in overcoming fears and evil thoughts

     Who can Buy it:

Anyone( Men, Women and Children) who want to experience above benefits. 


Online Payment Options:

Rs.2100 (Within India Only)



1)Can i wear it all the time or only during Sadhana time?

You can wear it all the time except during taking bath. Because contact with water can reduce the life span of gold plating of pendant/locket & chain. If possible remove it at night and wear It after bath for whole day.

2) How do I need to follow its sacredness?

We seal the energy field/Aura/Sacredness of pendant/locket after energization and programming. So you don’t need to worry about it.

3)Do i need to perform puja before wearing it? Or any regular puja needed?

Not necessary. All puja like pranapratisthana and programming is done by us. You just wear it on any Friday or good day.

4) After some days does it needs cleaning? if yes then how?

Actually, cleaning is not needed. But in case if it is fall down or somehow if cleaning needed then you can use wet cloth to clean it.

5)In home, if anyone expired or any inauspicious event like shradha etc during this time can I wear it?

No such rules apply for it because its energy is sealed. You can wear it irrespective of any such events happen.

6) Can women wear during menstrual period?

You can wear it because its energy is sealed. Actually, It helps to balance your emotions, glands and energy during menstrual period.  

7)I am already wearing Rudraksh, Can I wear Sriyantra pendent with it?

Sriyantra is a symbol of Universal Power and Harmony. It supports all type of energy and any other pendant or rudrakshs etc.



I am Very happy. The photos don’t do justice to this quality made pendant. Recommend giving as a gift.


This is the type of variation which i was looking for and the perfect design adds to the tally and gives a spiritual outline.


This pendent is made beautifully. Wearing it has brought a heightened level of awareness and contentedness. I would recommend for anyone interested in pursuing spiritual advancement.


It is beyond beautiful and magical, I am in love with it. Will be ordering another one soon since my grandmother loved it. 


I Could see 9 triangles & bindu present in it and also the flowering of chakras,higher realm of description fits in without any overdoing and is elegant to wear.


Almost everyone in my family are srividya sadhaks and  got it and they certainly love this product for the wonderful finish and extreme touch of it,This is glorious and i am delighted with it.No drawbacks whatsoever.


I am so grateful and happy to have found this and the centrifugal force of the universe is being depicted here and conveys a lot of meaning. My best purchase so far.


The color,chain length and the material used for it was exactly what is depicted here and it does not fall apart easily.Thanks


The sri yantra present as a symbol is etched and carved nicely and i could find the absolute professionalism of the maker and now i am sporting it and making a fashion trend and it is amazing to wear this all day 


It is amazing and i would say “DONT MISS IT” and when i got the pendant in my hand i felt the power of it and there is good reason to buy this and totally exceeded my expectations and i realized the value of it.

-Gautam Singh

After wearing this i could feel a sudden change and also the patience level grew in me to face the challenges and i have to say i started loving the .


The chain is not heavy and the quality stands out and i was so delighted and happy after receiving the product on time.The exterior finish is absolutely marvellous and this is the best priced one and cant get better than this.Now i am wearing it always & whenever i go out and it gives me a lot of positive vibes.


An amazing piece of art, I saw the picture on the web and bought it without even a tought!Now holding it in my hands feels and looks even more awesome.
Thank you for this beautiful new companion which will protect me everyday.


I am so pleased with this beautiful pendant exactly as it appears in the website stunning – excellent quality – unbelievable price and arrived very promptly . I will definitely ask my friend to buy it.


I wear it everyday. Couldn’t be more what I believe in. So happy to have divine mother so close to my heart to wear everyday with any outfit.Thank you.




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