Can I chant Soham Mantra in my native language.

As I practice Soham, my feelings are not as deep as compared to chanting in my native language with the same meaning as Soham, it is more of feeling than chanting. This practice alters from one to other as an unforced effort. When I start with such a feeling of chanting in my native language then shift to chanting to Soham, the chanting goes with a deeper feeling. Chant with Soham seems somewhat mechanical compared to other. Can this change with time, more practice………

No, not at all, if the same meaning in your native language and if you are getting that understanding, you are getting that awareness, then you can chant in your own native language, don’t worry about Soham, because after Soham also, you go to the silence and after your native language also, you go to the silence to the source. Ok……….

It is not mandatory that Soham should be there. Ok……….

So, if you want, you can chant in you native language. many times, it’s my own experience, when I say “I am”, it’s more powerful than Soham for me.

So find the word that will take you to the source, don’t only stick to the Soham.

Soham is also again a tool, at the higher level you have to drop that also. Ok…….

If your native language is giving you the touch of your soul, touch of the source, touch of that truth, then go for that.

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