Can we reduce the Bhatuka bhairava mantra during asta bhairav protection shield?

Q:Guruji for protection shield of astabhairava is it mandatory to chant Bhatuka bhairava mantra 108 times or can we reduce the no of chants, please guide?

A:You see that for a protection shield I don’t suggest you to chant 108

times even you can chant three times or nine times each Bhairva mantra minimum three times at the same Vatuka Bhairava minimum three times that is sufficient okay or nine times that is sufficient okay if you don’t have a time just chat three times each Bhairava mantra and start

doing your raja matangi mantra there’s no no mandatory but whenever you have a problems with the enemies whenever you have a problem with negativity whenever you have failures in your life at that time you have to increase Vatuka Bhairava  mantra sadhana okay you have to increase the mantra one japa mala two maximum three japa mala okay that is how we have to know the according to the situation according to the problem that you are facing you need to apply the guidelines the mantra shakti you know the all the you know tools homa Havana japa you have to apply and make your life successful.

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