Corona Virus – Global meditation

Corona Virus – Global meditation of Dhoomavati – Divine Call – Join us!

Together with Divine Mother, we can win present situation. Please share and spread this meditation with family members, friends and Interested Ones !

The global meditation of Divine mother Dhoomavathi helps to take away all disease energy from earth and brings health to all of us. When we all meditate together  for the same cause then thousand times greater positive energy generates. The tremendous energy generated from this global meditation helps to heal the entire world.  Not only it heals the world but also brings divine positive energy. This Global meditation is an opportunity for us to serve humanity and also grow spiritually.





Eligibility: Anyone

Venue: From Wherever you are 

Time : Anytime as per your comfortable

Note: You don’t need to take deeksha to chant the mantra given in meditation as they are programmed and intended by Sadguru Sivapremanandaji in  such a way that anyone can chant and get benefits.


General guidelines for meditation:

>>> Sit on a woollen mat (you can also use chair but keep woollen mat below your feet) in a quiet place in a comfortable position with spine kept straightand facing east or north for the meditation.

>>> Chant OM Nine times to balance you energy centers in the body

>>>Do deep breathing  for 3-5 minutes

>>>Make an intent and prayer to divine mother to protect entire earth from the disease and bless good health to all

>>>Imagine divine mother Dhoomavathi  taking away all the disease energy from the earth while chanting mantra. Chant the mantra mentally for 108 times or 15-30 min as given below.

 Dhoomavathi Mantra: 

 ॐ धूं धूं धूमावती ठः ठः

om dhoom dhoom dhoomavathi ṭhaḥ ṭhaḥ 

Play following Audio for Mantra Pronunciation:


>>>Then Chant Health mantra mentally with Water for 108 times  or 15-30 min as  explained below.

Health Mantra With Water: its very very powerful and do it everyday for you and your family members



>>>Then chant Soundarya lahari sloka by visualizing the soudarya lahari yantra as given below for 9 times

Soundarya Lahari Mantra and Yantra: its very powerful and brings divine mother Healing rays  to yourself and the entire earth


क्षितौ षट्पञ्चाशद्द्विसमधिकपञ्चाशदुदके
हुताशे द्वाषष्टिश्चतुरधिकपञ्चाशदनिले।
दिवि द्विःषट्त्रिंशन्मनसि च चतुःषष्टिरिति ये
मयूखास्तेषामप्युपरि तव पादाम्बुजयुगम्॥

kṣitau ṣaṭpañcāśaddvisamadhikapañcāśadudake
hutāśe dvāṣaṣṭiścaturadhikapañcāśadanile |
divi dviḥṣaṭtriṁśanmanasi ca catuḥṣaṣṭiriti ye
mayūkhāsteṣāmapyupari tava pādāmbujayugam ||


For pronunciation please check following video:



If you cannot pronunce above sloka then chant following bija mantra for 108 times by visualizing yantra.


 “Om Aam Hreem Krom Ksheem Om”


Play following Audio for Mantra Pronunciation:



>>>End the meditation by offering your gratitude to divine mother and relax your body for 2-5 min


Please share and spread this meditation with Interested Ones !

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