Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji –

Being aware of your power – that I create, co-create with my thoughts, feelings and beliefs – this is very important.

Otherwise you will worry – why worry?

Because, lack of knowledge that I cannot create…!

Why is it a worry? Because I don’t have the control…

Why there is worry, disturbance? Nothing is happening, I am powerless….

The day I realize – the Consciousness in me has the power to create, my thoughts create, whether it is positive or negative – in past life also I had created, in the present life also I have created, but the only problem is that I cannot see what cause is creating the action that I am experiencing in my life. That is the problem, because I don’t have the eye to see.

But everyone of us are creator – co-creator!

Induvidual level we say co-creator. Universal level I say – creator!

Why is that we cannot say – “I am creator!”?

For example – if your belief system is strong, but your wife’s belief system is stronger than your belief – she will disturb.

If I am doing healing to my child – I am believing – “energy link is perfect for my child!” But my wife is believing – “without medicine, there is no healing for him!”

You are doing, she is laughing there. If your power is more – your soul power is more, it will heal. If your wife’s power is more – she believes more that medicine only heals – then what happens, she is observing also – you are observing – effect of this quantum field – observation effect happens!

So this is very important – we are co-creator at the induvidual level!

At the soul level what I am? I am the Creator!

After the meditation of the So-Hum – you say that I am God! I am Shiva! This has to happen means, it happens! Here there is no co-creation.

Can you understand this? Induvidual level is different, after meditation when I go to So-Hum, when I know that I am the formless consciousness, I am the Cosmic form – then whatever it may be – even my wife, my daughter, everyone is me only. There is no difference – I am a Creator!

See, this is very important to understand who is the Creator and Co-Creator – when I have the power to create and dominate the Universe!

Otherwise what happens? Family karma will be there – family karma is influencing – it is influencing – your children are influencing, your parents are influencing, so you are co-creator!


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