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Thanking you for your interest in Srividya Sadhana. Please read following guidelines carefully to understand and apply for srividya sadhana distance program:

1.We will schedule the date & time for your Srividya deeksha(Initiation) and send you the preparation material after receiving the donation. During Deeksha time, You should sit at your place (no need of skype or PC & internet connection etc) and follow the guidelines given to you. And Sri Sivapremanandaji will connect with your soul and activate chakras, kundalani, seed srividya mantras & awaken divine consciousness in you. After deeksha, you will receive the srividya level-1 that you need to practice for minimum 8 weeks to reach next level (Total-7).

2.You should send your experience to Guruji after minimum 8 weeks of practice of every srividya level. Guruji will review & send you next level. The review from Guruji is to help & guide each student to progress next level safely with assurance and confidence.

3.All the communication and course material is available in ENGLISH and sent through email in pdf/word Doc/audio/video file format only.

4.The effectiveness of Srividya Deeksha is same if you take it Online/distant or by attending workshop because Divine mother showered special ability to Sadguru Sivapremanandji which makes it possible so that every devotee of divine mother can receive divine blessings from any part of the world.

5.Everyone should start srividya sadhana in order from srividya level-1 irrespective of his spriritual or srividya practice learned from any other different sources. Because each level acts as a ladder to go to next srividya level here. For example, Panchadasi mantra won’t open if you don’t practice bala tripurasundari mantra sadhana sincerely. So every level of srividya is very important and should be practiced by every student to progress next level of higher consciousness.

6.The registration fees covers deeksha & guidance for srividya level-1 to 7 and don’t include other courses that are conducted in the workshop like Siddha healing, Siddha Mind Power, Siddha Crystal Healing, Srividya Havan and Art of Dying etc.

7.We don’t accept persons for srividya sadhana deeksha if S/He is suffering from any serious mental/psychiatric disorders. Such person should practice under physical presence of a guru because kundalini awakening/flow triggers unwanted emotions and need special care of the guru continuously during sadhana.

8.These are highest spiritual teachings made available online by divine mother through Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji. So guruji is making these teachings available to all who are sincerely seeking Divine mother grace, self-Realization and liberation. But if the participant is not appreciating & following the given guidelines by Guruji then we cancel his/her registration for the srividya course and discontinue our guidance.

9.Deeksha/iniation is transfering awakened Soul consciousness/Energy to disciple to realize the TRUTH and attain liberation. We believe it’s so precious that you can’t charge it with money & no-one on this earth can pay and buy deeksha. What we charge is not for Srividya deeksha but for our TIME, Experience and Expenses. Time is preparing the Deeksha attunement, sending attunement, guiding disciples through emails and covering the expenses like web design, hosting, SEO optimization, content management, office and others.Registration fees for Online srividya sadhana program is a onetime payment and you don’t need to pay anything after that for every level.

Difference between Distance/Online Course and Workshop:

10. The Registration donation for srividya sadhana program is non-refundable and non-transferable at any condition. This Online registration donation fees is not considered or applicable if you want to attend offline srividya workshop conducted.

The registration Donation for Online srividyasadhana is Rs.9999 ($180 Outside India) [includes all levels] and you can transfer the donation to the following bank account.

Note for PAYPAL buyer (Outside India):  After payment, you will be re-directed to download Page of  “Srividya deeksha Registration form” which you should download, fill and mail to !!!

Offline Payment Option

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Divine Mother is in YOU,
Sri Sivapremananda

“Everyone can practice srividyasadhana now
Everyone can experience divine mother grace now
Everyone can heal and change their life now”

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