Sadhaka question – “Guruji, can I get blessing of Mahapadhuka mantra and 51 letter Tirumularji mantra, if I chant only Vanchakalpalata Ganapati mantra regularly?”

Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji –

“See different mantras have different objectives, different energies, different sources. So 51 letter mantra will help you to go back to your Eshwara Tatva, Parama Tatva. Vanchakalpalata Ganapati will help to remove all the negativity of this life, past life, to fulfill your desires. And this Mahapadhuka mantra will help to connect with your real Guru.

And when we are doing this Srividhya Sadhana, Kameshwari is acting – so I can awaken and attract good people also, and bad people also! So I need to protect myself. I can attract the positive angels also, and negative yakshini also. So Srividhya sadhak is very very powerful as he progresses – as he has the attraction power – he becomes a magnet – he can even attract the naga yakshini, naga kanyas also, Divine Goddesses also. That is the power of Srividhya sadhak. This is because of the Panchadashi mantra, Shodashi mantra.

To protect yourself, Mahapadhuka is needed. That’s what – “Hasakafrem” – this is the highest form of Kali Who is surrounding you and protecting you and Shambhava Shiva is surrounding you and protecting you. Mahapadhuka is different – where it will protect you from the aghori forces, yakshini, gandharva, all negative beings – so that you can focus on the positive part – only attract the right people, right angels, right invisible beings, and walk on the path of spirituality. So Mahapadhuka is very important.

So the objective of Mahapadhuka is to connect you, your soul to your real Guru – that is Kameshwara-Kameshwari, Mahashodashi, Lalitambika. And objective of 51 letter is to experience the Parama Tatva. Objective of Vanchakalpalata Ganapati is to experience the fulfillment of your desires.

So you cannot expect that by chanting one, you get all… But when you are having all of this – chant the mantra according to your need. Atleast Mahapadhuka, Vanchakalpalata Ganapati mantras can be chanted together.”

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