Divine light in Pineal gland & leaving body as a Yogi?


Sadhguru Paramahamsa Yogananda says that the pineal gland is the highest centre as one when works with the chakras. The meeting point of Agna chakra and Sahasrara chakra is where the Pineal gland is located. In Siddha Parampara, we call this as Shiva. Pineal gland is called as Shiva and pituitary gland is called as Shakthi. There is a great amount of spiritual energy or light which lies between this Shiva and Shakthi or the Pineal and Pituitary, which due to the friction of these two, is awakened. Once this is awakened, then this becomes the living God within you in the form of light, which is called as Jyotirlinga or third eye, called in different ways.

What Paramahamsa Yoganandji says is true. When one leaves the body or the prana leaves through the higher centre which means higher ascension. A yogi can do this, not a normal person. But how is a yogi able to do this? because he worked with his chakras, he worked with his nadis and cleansed, healed and energised and he raised his prana from the lower to the higher dimensions.

So , you are already doing this during the Sri Vidya sadhana meditation. You are not just raising your consciousness but you are also awakening your pineal gland during the Level 3 of Sri Vidya Sadhana.

Level 3 of Sri Vidya sadhana awakens Pineal gland, pituitary gland, astral body, subtle body and all the chakras, and brings the soul energy to the chakras.

When you do the Srividya sadhana for life time, whatever Sadhguru Paramahamsa Yoganandji said will start happening to you.

Whether it is a siddha, an avadhoota or Parahamsa , they all say that one should raise their consciousness to the highest centre, by practicing to move up and down these energy points. A time comes, when you want to drop this body , and with practice you will know to raise your prana to the highest level and then you can leave the body from the highest centre.

It is very true that a perfect yogi, at the time of leaving his body, leaves through the third eye.

There is also a higher level than this. As one progresses, the energy from the third eye also goes to the heart chakra and merges with the universal way at the Manipuraka chakra and leaves from there.

There are different levels of leaving the body. There are people who leave their body from the lower chakras, from the higher chakras and also some who go from lower to higher and again to lower and leave the body.

There are different mechanisms and they depend upon one’s attainment.

It is also possible to leave from the crown, which is called Bramrendra , where the energy from the pineal flows to Bramrendra and it merges with the Universal consciousness and leaves the body.

In Sri Vidya Sadhana, when you work with all the chakras, you are raising the energy, you are activating the pineal gland during level 3. At level 2 also you are raising your consciousness to six-pointed star, that also helps. After all these practices , when you reach level 7, you will be able to fulfil as per the words of Sadhguru Yoganandji by doing the Sri vidya Sadhana.

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