Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji –

“If you see in our Scriptures, every chakra has one deity, but Lalitambika is for all the chakras. Every Goddess has one roopa, but Lalitambika is the real form of Guru. If you go in Lalita Sahasranama, you will be surprised, Her other names are –  “Gurumandala Roopini”, “Dakshinamoorthi Roopini”

Everything is She!

She is the Guru, She is the God, She is the mother, She is the father, She is the protector, healer, everything – She is the Maha Kundalini, what else do you want?

Whole concept of Yoga is with Kundalini, right? She Herself is the Maha Kundalini, then what else? It is such a beautiful path where you don’t need to force yourself, with so many Pranayamas, this, that – where you need right guidance, where you cannot play with your energy body!

Here you are just flowing, and allowing Divine to take care. She knows no? See, when you are born as a baby – the same Kundalini, from one cell, creates you as a complete body – in the womb of a mother.

Once the work is finished, She says – “I think this 80 percent is finished, now I will go and sit at below the Muladhara of my child and whenever my child will call, I will awaken and make him a superhuman!”

You see that! She is working – She is working day and night for you! And She is sitting in You – within You and is just waiting – “when my child will call Me, when I can touch him, when I can heal him, when I can lift him?”. This is the only objective of Divine Mother, I am telling you.

When She wanted to hug you as Shiva – you are a Shiva for Lalitambika. She is just waiting – to lift you in such a way – where there is no separation between you and Her, and you become Her! “


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