Doubt Clearing Session

Doubt Clearing Session(DCS) is conducted once in a month. 


Please note that too long questions will be answered through email only as guruji can’t read them during video recording.

31st March 2024 by 10 AM(IST) to the email ID:

Doubt Clearing Session is only for the students who have taken deeksha from Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji. Questions from public who have not received deeksha, not understood principles and teachings of our Guru Parampara can’t be accepted & answered.


All questions are answered by Guruji in “doubt clearing session” only, so no questions answered through emails.



You can fill the “doubt clearing form” with your SSRC Id, NAME and your questions related to the srividya, DSS or any other sadhana that you have taken deeksha from us.



CLICK HERE  to download “doubt Clearing Session Form”


Some guidelines to submit your questions:

  • Each student can submit maximum 3 questions related to his spiritual practice/sadhana received from guruji. (Not from any other Master or You tube, forum or blog etc)

  • Please ask questions to the point in 1 to 3 lines not complete history in pages!

  • All 3 questions should be submitted in “ONE” doubt clearing form” only.

  • Please check our YouTube channel before asking the questions because most of the questions are already answered.

  • Unnecessary intellectual or philosophical or personal problems questions are NOT answered 

  • Doubt clearing form without SSRC Id, Name, email, etc details are not accepted.

  • Please submit the form before the last date & time

  • Please send questions Only


(We request you to please don’t send “doubt clearing form” to any of our other email id)



We will review the forms for the same repeated questions from many students or unrelated to our sadhana  and make a list of questions that is to be answered  by Guruji.

DCS on 26th Nov 2023

DCS on 5th Sept 2023

DCS on 6th June 2023

DCS on 8th March 2023

DCS on 8th Dec 2022

DCS on 23rd Sept 2022

DCS on 16th july 2022

DCS on 9th May 2022

DCS on 6th March 2022

DCS on 31st Jan 2022

DCS on 19th Dec 2021

DCS on 19th Oct 2021

DCS on 16th Sept 2021

DCS on 31st July 2021

DCS on 28th June 2021

DCS on 19th April 2021

DCS on 15th Feb 2021

DCS on 17th Jan 2021

DCS on 16th Dec 2020

DCS on 17th Nov 2020

DCS on 13th Oct 2020

DCS on 18th Sept 2020

DCS on 31st August 2020

DCS on 16th August 2020



Please check our youtube channel before asking the questions because most of the questions are already answered.

Our youtube channel link:

Please check Following Video playlist: Meditation guidelines



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