Durga Saptasati – Durga and Her Powers 

by Sri sadguru Sivapremananda

Durga saptasati si one of the Very powerful Sadhana of Indian tradition specially Shakti Tantra where it has been called as Durga Saptasati,  Devi mahathme Hindi part they call it Chandi Mantra Sadhana aur Chamunda Mantra Sadhna the different names, but this energy is very very powerful on the this earth, is very very powerful on this earth because she is the manifestation of Mahakali Mahalaxmi and Mahasaraswati. And it represent 3 state of consciousness or 3 Guna what we called satva Rajo and tamo. Mahalakshmi is rajo guna, maha kali is tamo guna, and maha saraswathi is sattva guna. So you know that these three are the sakthis of brahma, vishnu and maheshwara. So when these 3 powers forms together to for one energy called Durga. So if you see divine mother durga, she is sitting on the lion. And she is having all the weapons of lord brahma, lord vishnu and lord shiva. If you see here hands you know you see the trishul of lord shiva, if you see her hands she has a japamala and vedas of  brahma. If you see here hands you see that sudarshana chakra and shanka. Everything is present in here existence. In her form to symbolically tell you that she has all the power of brahma, vishnu and shiva. So if you invoke these powers, you see that brahma, vishna, and maheswara. What are their real duties on this earth? Or in this existence? Or in this creation is. Lord brahma has a work of creation. Lord vishnu has a work of sustenance. Lord shiva work of destroying all you know this world whatever this is created and again manifesting into a consciousness. So these three forces are in one. So divine mother durga is the one who is creator, divine mother durga is the one who is the sustainer, divine mother durga is the one who can destroy all. So these are the power of divine mother durga. So first we need to have a idea. Ok that is the power.and that can bring any kind of transformation that i am seeking in my life.. Is si clear, it is very important to understand. Whether my deity is powerful enough to solve my problems.otherwise i am searching here and there. I am worshiping divine mother durga and again i am worshiping lord shiva. Without knowing out of ignorance. Iam worshiping divine mother durga, again i am worshipping divine mother lakshmi. Is isclear. I am worshipping divine mother durga, again i am worshipping saraswathi. So if i have a understanding that these two forces together form one sakthi what we call adhisakthi. We call her as a adhisakthi. If if worship her i don’t need to worship  different forms of her as brahma, vishnu and maheshwara. This the first understanding you need to have so that is where aso you need to understand little bit, what is the understanding of trishula. Trisula represents the transformation of three guna. What are the three guna? Sattva, rajo, and thamo. Or transformation of three state of consciousness. That is waking state dream state and sleep. So if a person can transform these three states and experience the thoughtless state, what we call thuriyatheetha. Thuriyatheetha thoughtless. A samadhi sthithi, where you transfer all these states of consciousness. Then you are a person who can handle trishula. Who is eligible to hold the trishula. Until unless that we cannot. This shiva is the one who could able to transfer all these things. And raise himself into that thuriyatheetha or shiva consciousness. A pure awareness , pure conscientiousness. So he could able to hold that trisula. So that is given to divine mother durga means. So she has the capability to transfer all of these and attain the samadhi. So when vedas and japamala is given to her by lord brahma what it means? Vedas represent the knowledge. What type of knowledge? Not this material knowledge, it is institutional knowledge what we called self knowledge. So once you worship she has the capability to bless you.that vedic knowledge or that truth consciousness to you. When she is holding the japa mala, what is the representation of the japa mala, she don’t need to do the japa. It is the representation of the mantra and sidhi. So when you are worshipping she has a capability to bless you mantra siddhi. Is ti clear. The success. The success in your attainment. Success in your attainment. So then when she holds the sudarshana chakra what is the representation of sudarshan chakra, it destroys all types of negativity. All types of negativities. Whether it is a physical level, mental level, energy level or astral level even at the soul level. At physical level you might have enemies. Mental level you have enemies. First enemy is your own negative thoughts. Then negative people or their comments. Their energy that is influencing you. Astral level negative emotions. First your, then people who are your relationship brining you to experience the negativity. Then soul level spirit level, where you will be influenced by any astral invisible beings, who are attacking you.who are influencing you. Who are taking your energy.whatever you know, tantric effects. So all these negative things can be  removed by sudarshan chakra. So sudarshana chakra is just a representation that she has the power to help you to overcome any type of enemies or negativity in your life.

So shanka, what is shanka? It will create omm naadha. It will create a omm naatha. She can help you and bless you to experience that omm samadhi. To give you that anahata nadha. Inner sound of bliss joy and pure awareness. Got this point? She has all the power to help you in all fields of your life. All fields of life. So she as a durga of pure consciousness. When she become dynamic consciousness. She herself become mahakali, mahalakshmi, maha saraswathi. There is one source energy we call it as a pure awareness. Pure consciousness. And which is called static energy. It si not having any dynamic movement. Ok. to make this static consciousness into a dynamic consciousness. You need three forces. Icha sakthi, gnana sakthi, kriya shakti. Is it clear. So those shakthi’s what we call mahalakshmi, maha saraswathi, mahakali. This is very important to understand. So how this static consciousness become a dynamic consciousness. What i mean by static consciousness. For example i am here with myself. It is static consciousness.without any thought. Without any thought. The moment i got a thought that i want to life this paper, icha shthi . so that is in my consciousness. How it is going to be dynamic? How i am going to lift it. That is a gnana sakthi. And then  kriya shakti, using my hand i can lift it. If I want to manifest something in my life. I need these three sakthis. First i should have a desire. Icha. i want. Then i should have a knowledge how to get it. Then i should know how to get it what actions i should take. So a durga sadhana give you a sankalpa siddhi. Give you the siddhi to manifest anything on this earth.

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