Four Pillars of Srividya Sadhana

by Sri Sivapremananda

There are four pillars in spirituality. First one is Meditation. Second one is Japa.Apart from Meditation we need to do the Japa the mool mantra of whatever sadhana we  are doing. These two are very important. Third one is Swaddhyaya. Swaddhyaya means self analyzing. Being aware of your thoughts,feelings,believes ; specially negative thoughts, negative emotions and feelings. First thing is being aware,50 percent task is done. The moment I am aware that I am getting anger,50 percent  energy  shifted.Just awareness only to do. Then a sincere efforeto shift your consciousness from anger to breathing.  Suddenly,as you progress, you could able to control  over  your anger,you could able to control your anxiety, you could able to control  your depression, you could able to control your outside negetive emotions. You need to aware from morning to evening, how is your behaviour,  how you reacted to a particular person. Otherwise you don’t bring a transformation. Where there is awareness there is a consciousness,  there is  a knowledge and there is a transformation in the perception and in your soul. Of course meditation is one part which works with Karmas and Sub conscious  mind. And when  I am aware that I am working with a conscious mind, can you see that? conscious mind, sub- conscious mind and your deeper karmic  body that I am also working plass I am growing to my Soul  consciousness.So these three are very important.

Then 4th one is Seva. Seva means nit is not that you have to work forfor Moolbarga Centre. Wherever you feel passionate to help the humanity, do it. I want to give something to one child for his education.or I want to plant a tree…  ok, or I want to do something to this temple, ok. When no expectation or motive or desire, whithout desire I am doing some….., some contribution to the world. Do you remember we have discussed  about Laxmi Tattwa? If I want to attract the Laxmi, the inner and outer energy  should be balanced. If I am making money and the money is not given out in some form, what happens? I  cannot  able to experience that abundance. So somewhere you have to donate. Just one rupy is also ok. Or one chapati is also ok. Or a small grain of rice is also ok. There should be your  contribution  from your money, which you have earned. Somehow  there should be your contribution  from your money, which you have earned. And  in such contribution   you should feel good, this is very important.   You should do it not because Guruji is telling  or somewhere you read in a book. It is Universal  law that inner energy and outer energy should be balanced.

So in India we call Laxmi Chanchala. Chanchala means She don’ t stay in one place. Why She don’t stay in one place? Because there is an Universal Law of inward flow and outward flow.  I am earning  so many lakhs but I am not spending a single rupy without expection.

It is not about money only, it is the feeling, this feeling is very important. It is not that 10 lakhshas come so 10 lakhs should go. No. If 1 rupy I am giving out of my love and devotion and with a good intention means what it is? You are balancing your enerjee. So any place where you feel  connected,  where you feel there is an opportunity to express your gratitude to the Divine,  wherever it is,  you need to involve, do some work. Or I just plant a tree today, or I want to sit in my home and I invoke Siddha Shakti  and send the energy to the earth. I don’t want to go to any Ashrama or anywhere  else, I sit in my room and after meditation I will bless the entire earth. That is also Seva. This is more powerful than outward Seva. Because inner world creats outside  world.  Here you are working with your true world. So I can send healing energy to the people who are suffering. Make an intention, Lord Shiva, Shakti, Shadjuru, please Channel your healing energy to them who really  needed, lift them, make them smile,bring happiness in their life. One good intention and doing it just for two minutes also works. Even you do not need to sit, while you are working or doing something you just invoke and have intention, I asked Shiddha Shakti that this energy go and fill all of them who are really needed. Or you just send this energy to all trees, to all waterbodies,  to all the creatures,  animals or to the entire earth dimension. So that, wherever  it is needed it can flow.. Somewhere you have to contribute  your Seva, you have to go without  any expectation.And you can do this very simplyfrom your home. No need of anything, even you don’t need to go outside.  You may have restrictions in your family, you just sit, do it, have an intention, finish. It will work out.

So we  have four pillars that we need to manage to grew. Because in Spirituality,  how it is? I grow up to a particular lavelof consciousness and after reaching that lavel I need to give back. Otherwise we cannot grow. It is like   a privatr company,

 until you go to a certain  position  there are promotions, after that there comes a big target. Unless and until you pullall of them, unless you do something  for the company, you cannot grow.Same here.This is a Divine  Company, where the Shiddha company want you to contribute. Something you have to contribute. So these Four Pillars we have to manage:

Meditation/Dhyana, Japa, then Swaddhyaya and then Seva.

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