Global Meditation Sri Bala

Goddess of Siddhas : Sri  Balatripura Sundari


Together we have done Dhoomavathi and Durga Mantra to Dissolve Negative Energy during this critical situation. Now its time to strengthen our mother earth with Sri Bala Tripurasundari divine energy and grace.  Sri Balatripura sundari is the unlimited Creative Power of the Universe or adi mahashakti and can help to strengthen world with positive energy. So we welcome interested srividya sadhak to pray and meditate on Sri Balatripura mantra with only intention to protect & bless the world.



Eligibility: should taken Srividya level-4 Deeksha from us

If you are not initiated into Sri Balatripura sundari Mantra then chant following mantra:

“Om Sri Bala Jai Sri Bala Jai Jai Bala”

The above mantra is energized and programmed by satguru Sivapremanandaji in a such a way that anyone can chant without deksha

Venue: from your home, office etc

Date: 13th to 21st July 2020.

Time: Anytime in a day

General guidelines for meditation:

  • Sit on a woollen mat (you can also use chair but keep woollen mat below your feet) in a quiet place in a comfortable position with spine kept straightand facing east or north for the meditation.

  • Chant OM Nine times to balance you energy centers in the body

  • Do deep breathing for 3-5 minutes

  • Pray to divine mother Sri Balatripura Sundari to protect this earth and bless health, abundance and Harmony.

  • Imagine divine mother Sri Bala Tripurasundari at your Ajna Chakra (in between the eyebrows) and worship mentally by offering flowers while chanting mantra.

  • Chant the Balatripurasundari mantra for minimum 108 times or 15-30 min. you can also chant more japa malas or 1 to 2 hrs as it is needed now.

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