Group Meditation

Group Meditation is an Opportunity to connect with Mulavarg Siddha parampara & Mahashodasi  Sri Sivakameswari (established in our center) under the guidance of Sadguru Sivapremanandaji. This will enhance your meditation experience, Removes negativity, brings great healing and blessings. 

Eligibility: It is ONLY for Our Students Who have taken Srividya / Varahi / DSS / Rajamatangi / Bagalamukhi Deeksha from us.

24th Feb 2019 – Live Streaming


Livestreaming Event URL:

Date: 24th Feb 2019

Time: 10AM to 12.30 PM (IST)

Devotees from different countries please adjust your time zone with Indian standard Time:

Venue: You can attend from your home for live event


You can attend offline event at our mulavarg center bangalore during same time and date.

We can accommodate only 70 people in the center. So please confirm your participation by calling to our center :

09901019177  /  07483528148

!!!NOTE:Please Don’t send email for confirmation!!!


Guidelines for Group Meditation:

  • Invocation of Mulavarg Siddha Parampara – 9 times (loudly/mental chanting together)

  • Mahapaduka Mantra chanting for – 9 times (loudly/mental chanting together)

  • Thirumoolar Siva Mantra – 9 times (loudly/mental chanting together)

  • Srividya level-1 (1 round) OR Varahi Sadhana OR DSS Sadhana OR  Rajmatangi Sadhana OR Bagalamukhi Sadhana OR Siva Yoga –  15 to 30 min (Inner meditation )

  • Soham meditation 5-10 min (Inner meditation)

  • Healing & Blessing Session from Guruji – 5-10 min

  • Q & A  – Doubts related to srividya sadhana answered by Guruji -15 to 30 min

  • Gratitude Session

Note: Please bring your woolen mat for meditation.

How to Ask Questions Related Your Spiritual Practice to Sadguruji during “Q & A’ session:


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