Group Meditation

Maha Shivaratri Group Meditation on 11th March 2021 from 5.30PM (IST)


Group Meditation is an Opportunity to connect with Mulavarg Siddha parampara & Mahashodasi  Sri Sivakameswari (established in our center) under the guidance of Sadguru Sivapremanandaji. This will enhance your meditation experience, Removes negativity, brings great healing and blessings. 


Eligibility: It is ONLY for Our Students Who have taken deeksha from Sadguru Sivapremanandaji. 


There will Not be “Q & A Session” during group meditation because questions are answered in “doubt clearing session” only. 



Livestreaming Event URL:

Date: 11th March 2021

Time: Evening 5.30 PM to 8 PM  (IST)

Devotees from different countries please adjust your time zone with Indian standard Time:

Venue: You can attend for live event from your home or at our center in Bangalore


Guidelines for Group Meditation

1. Invocation of Mulavarga Siddha Parampara – 9 times (loudly/mental chanting together)

2. Mahapaduka Mantra chanting for – 9 times (loudly/mental chanting together)

3. Thirumoolar Siva Mantra – 9 times (loudly/mental chanting together)

4. Srividya level -1 (1 round) or varahi sadhana or DSS sadhana or Rajamatangi Sadhana or Bagalamukhi sadhana or sivayoga – 15 to 30 min ( inner meditation)

5. Soham meditation 5 – 10 min (Inner meditation)

6. Healing & Blessing Session from Guruji for 5 -5 10 min






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