Guidelines for Solar / Lunar Eclipse Meditation

by Sadguru Sri sivapremananda

What is the sadhana that I should do during the eclipse, whether it is a solar eclipse or lunar eclipse?

what is the sadhana I should do, how should I do the sadhana ?


First you need to understand that whenever the eclipse happens, the positive energy releases to this entire universe. Negative energy is absorbed, dissolved. So, so many eclipses are need to be a part of the expanding evolution of this universe. There are some eclipses just to balance. Earthquakes will come, water (high/low tides) will come. It is the balance of the negative energy that is created outside. It has to do it that way, Mother has to. You know, divine Mother Brahmandeswari has to manage everything, this world and that. So she has to do.


So eclipse, most of the time for spiritual sadhaks, you get very very high power. Your body is charged. your soul is charged with divine Mother. I have explained to you. According to the universal law of correspondence, “yadha brahmanda, tadha pindanda”. Whatever that is happening in the outside world , the same thing is also happening in your body, in your soul. 


In the eclipse, what is happening? there is an alignment between the sun, moon and earth. They are coming close to each other, coming close to in line with, alignement, there is an exchange of energies between these three planets, major planets. Of course it will influence the other planets also. So, when you see that the sun, moon and earth are aligned, the same thing is happening within us. 


What is the sun in your body? Your Soul.

What is the moon in your body? The Mind.

What is the earth in your body? This body. 

The physical body is the earth, Mind is the moon, your Soul is the sun


So when an eclipse happens, what happens? My body is aligned to a mind, my mind is aligned to a soul.

When body, mind and soul are aligned, what happens to you? You are connected to universal. You see that? Nature produces that effect in you naturally. So our Siddhas and Rishis told, wrote in the scriptures, “do the mantra sadhana during the time of eclipse”


Because, when these are aligned, body, mind,  soul, the universal soul is aligned. The layer between them is very very thin. You receive the energy without any block, 100% of the energy. you could have a mantra siddhi, you can have any type of accomplishment when you do the sadhana during an eclipse. so, this we need to understand. This is according to the universal law of correspondence, you don’t need to believe.  “yadha brahmanda, tadha pindanda”


And when your soul is empowered, what happens to your other planets? Tell me? They are empowered. From this sun itself all planets are getting energy. Yes or No? Outside sun gives energy to all planets. So how is the sun getting the energy? from the cosmic sun, spiritual sun, Lalithambika, Raja Rajeswari, Maha TripuraSundari or in vedas we call her as Gayatri. From that we are receiving that.


So, when you do meditation, especially Srividya meditation, any type of meditation, what happens? Your soul is empowered. Navagraha dosha is removed. Navagraha dosha is again what? all your doshas, pitru dosha, kalasarpa dosha, kulu guru dosha, whatever dosha you say, all these Navagrahas are reflecting that only. whatever blueprint we have that is reflecting.


So, this is what is happening during the eclipse. So whatever that time (eclipse) is there, you check the calendar, it’s available on the internet also. You check the timing for your city, in your country what is the timing, when I should sit for meditation? and do the meditation at that time.


Or any mantra you wanted to activate, any mantra you want to make it as more powerful in your soul. you choose that mantra and do that sadhana. Or you can do complete Srividya meditation. you can do the havan during the eclipse. whatever havan you have learned when you attend the workshop you do that. Or you can do all the mantras in the havan.


I suggest at least you know what is the mantra needed for a pleasant life. You need to work on that mantra. So hold that mantra. Do the havan of that mantra minimum of 108 times. If you want you can do the tarpana also on that time. For example, if you feel too much energy, what you can do is, tarpana. your body heat will be reduced. so you plan accordingly and do it.


And whenever you do, it’s very important, your asana should be good. You should have a woolen cloth, or wooden block, this is very important. You are receiving that energy, very very powerful energy. If you dissipate and leave it, you lose that. 


And if you are feeling too much heat, then you use darba grass, they are available in pooja stores. Darba is very important to cool down your body. You can also wear the pavitra. If you are a person who is having too much heat, wear a pavitra that is available in a pooja store, that is like a ring made of darba. You can wear it on your ring finger  that connects your heart chakra and balances your energy body. That is one way to take one more step.

We use it in all rituals to cleanse everything. We use it for cleansing food too. Why is it? it is the one that nullifies the negative rays, UV rays and all of that. Especially the Shani rays are nullified with darba. Very powerful. You can use darba also as a mat and you can do your meditation. 


First you do srividya meditation. Or you start with havan. Outer thing, outer rituals first. Like Lalitha Sahasranamam, Khadgamala Stotram. Or I do the havan. Once I finish the havan, come to the inner meditation. Inner meditation you do, then you finish with soham meditation or you just relax your body, be aware of your breathing. Then if its too much energy, take a bath. Warm water bath. So that excess energy is cleansed. 


You see that, so they have set rules and regulations. During eclipse time temples are closed. because temples are also receiving that energy. they don’t want any disturbance from outside to disturb that energy. Because you know the universal law of attraction, temples are also empowered during the eclipse. It’s not a bad thing. And during the time they say don’t eat anything. otherwise people will be like, “idly hojai”, “upma hojai”, during eclipse time. People are focussing on tea and coffee. People are not focussing on the real thing. “Focus 100% on yourself”, Your meditation. And they also say that they take a bath, before and after the eclipse. Before the eclipse you take a cold water bath to energize. After the eclipse you want to cleanse excess energy by taking warm water. And then we can come out of meditation with gratitude. 


On the day of the eclipse you plan your meditation during the eclipse. Only once during that day. That is the sadhan you can do for the eclipse.

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