Guidelines for Srividya Sadhana students – MUST WATCH!!!

 Prayer is very important. We need to pray again and again. For example, whenever you do the japa, apart from meditation, you should pray “Mother please bless me. Mother, I want to be one with you”.  Then continue with Japa. After some Japa, again pray “Mother, I want to surrender to you. Mother, I want to experience your invisible hands of protection, guidance, all that healing whenever it is. please show me” Then, again Japa, Chant mantra, whatever mantra. So, the more you pray, the more you make your subconscious mind come near to Mother, the more you trigger the feeling of devotion.

 And whenever you feel distracted before meditation, just remember the time when you got help from divine Mother. Play that situation in your mind, those videos in your mind. How Mother helped you to get a job. How Mother has helped you in your business. How divine Mother protected you from a difficult situation, etc. Recall all those before meditation. What happens? Automatically you are in a state of gratitude that will help you to surrender. Help you do the meditation to your best. 

 These are the skills we have to develop. “How I can influence my mind. How I can influence my emotions, How I can influence the state of my mind. Make myself surrender, devoted, accepted”. Then my meditation takes me to the higher level, burns many karmas,  lifts me to the Shiva Shakti consciousness. These are all the skills we have to develop. 

 And another very important thing is, Imagine some siddhas with you. For example, if you are connected to Shirdi Sai, imagine him next to you in meditation. If you feel connected to kriya babaji, imagine he is sitting next to you. If you feel connected to any other master, imagine he is next to you, he is sitting with you and you pray “hey Sadhguru Thirumoolarji, please come. Be with me in my meditation here” or “hey Sadguru Shirdi Sai, please come and sit next to me. Guide me in my meditation”

 If you want you can call Lalithambika or Lord Shiva himself the say “hey Divine Mother, come as my master”  or “hey Shiv Paramatma, please come as my master. Be with me. Guide me. Help me in my meditation. Lift me to your own consciousness” 

 If possible. you can visualize yourself in some place where you feel connected. Some hill station, some temple or as if you are sitting on himalayas if you are attracted to the Himalayas. You just see that you are sitting in that place and you invoke your Siddhas, your Master or your Guru parampara. I invoke Sadhguru Thirumoolarji, Nandi devar, all the Masters, 18 Siddhas. If you feel connected to Gorakshanath, you invoke him. If you feel connected to lord krishna you invoke him saying “hey Sadhguru, my Lord, my Ishta, please come and meditate with me. guide me.” 

 See him as sitting next to you and guiding you. This is very powerful, I’m telling you, very powerful. Once we start doing this after one month or two literally these beings start coming to you. literally divine Mother starts coming to you. literally Shiv Paramatma starts coming to you. There is no doubt at all because it’s the universal law, “yad bhavam tad bhavati. inner world creates outside world”. Then what happens? If you can visualize you are walking with Shiva, walking with Sadhguru Thirumoolarji, walking with Kriya Babaji, Shirdi Sai, more  you bring them in your life, more you have their protection, more you have their guidance, more you have their grace, more you have abundance, more you have prosperity, more knowledge will flow to you. There is no doubt about it because I have tested it. I have done that. I have seen miraculous results for myself many times. When  I was in Germany, when I was in Spain, where I did not have any satsanga, only Sadhguru Thirumoolarji was with me. Lalithambika was with me. Lord Shiva was with me. If I go somewhere, I go with Sadhguru Thirumoolarji. Even when I go somewhere I book a double room, next to me is Sadhguru Thirumoolarji. I had a banner of Sadhguru Thirumoolarji, a photo of Sadhguru Thirumoolarji. Even when I’m sleeping I’m with Sadhguru Thirumoolarji. Which means, I made a sincere effort to be with Thirumoolarji.

 You need to understand that in the beginning you have to put in your sincere efforts. wherever you are, you have to bring divine wherever you are, you have to bring your master. More stronger is the connection with the master. I tell you, master will come. There is no way he can escape. He cannot hide. He has to come. There is no way. Master starts coming. Ishta Devata starts coming in dreams first. In the astral world it’s easy for them to come and connect with you, guide you. Whatever necessary healing is needed, they will come and give to you. Whatever necessary energy that is needed for you to grow, they will come and give you. necessary karma that is needed to be taken away. they will come and take them away. That is what happens. Many times I see that Paramhansa Yogananda was with me. He used to come and take away my karma. My teacher (Sri Sivakami Omanandi) used to come and hold her hand to a particular chakra. When she held her hand and just disappeared, the next day I saw that my chakra was functioning better. My karma is taken away by my Master. These masters are so powerful, they do so many things. You have no idea. Sadhguru Thirumoolarji used to come and write something on my head. I didn’t know at that time. After 5 to 10 years I realized that he is initiating the Panchakshari mantra. All five faces of shiva are seeded in me. I didn’t know at that time. It looked like “Shivaya Namaha” but it is not “Shivaya Namaha”. It was some symbol. Since it was a dream I couldn’t understand. After 10 years I now know that those are the 5 amnayas of Shiva Paramatma or five faces of Shiva, Five evergies of Shiva were installed at that time. But I didn’t know anything about that. You see that so many times I received a lot of grace. So much love, blessing and all of that.

 And one more thing I tell you. It not only happens to me, it can happen to you. It is not that you have to meditate for a long time for this to happen in your life. Your sincere desire will bring that. There was a student from Chennai. His age was around 67. He doesn’t know English, only Tamil. But his love for Sadhguru Thirumoolarji is like anything. Somehow he came to know about his teaching. Somebody who attended a Shiva yoga workshop told him about this. He told his son to go and get me the notes or get me the guidance that is there, get me the printout. You cannot believe, he just took this Sadhguru Thirumoolar Shiva mantra and he started chanting day and night, day and night he started chanting with love for Sadhguru Thirumoolarji. With love for Lord Shiva. Within a week Sadhguru Thirumoolarji started coming and doing something on his third eye. Initiating him and guiding him in that. He sent me an email that he has not taken a diksha from us but chanted Sadhguru Thirumoolar mantra anyway. Please understand, no diksha. Nothing but his love for Sadhguru Thirumoolarji. His love for Sadhguru Thirumoolarji. His love and desire to connect with Shiva was so desperate. He sent a thank you note. “I have received the blessing of Sadhguru Thirumoolarji. I had a darshan of Sadhguru Thirumoolarji. This has taken me to a higher level. I’m at the age of 67. I don’t know how to start my  journey at this age, I’m afraid and I want to experience this as my last life. I wanted to sincerely, desperately, find the real master who can guide me and I started receiving Sadhguru Thirumoolarji’s personal attention.” you see this? So, within a week of starting the mantra they received the grace of Sadhguru Thirumoolarji. You see how powerful it is.


What I’m saying is, “you are very powerful. you are very powerful”. Don’t put any condition that “I’m not good. I’m bad”. Some people say “I’m not pure, I have done so many bad things, I have hurt so many people. I have not given my best to my parents. I’m not really a good person. Am I eligible?” See, divine means unconditional, it won’t have any condition. It is you who has put the condition. when you go to the divine, it should be like a child. “I am in front of you as a child. I surrender. I am given to you, please help me” with that you have to do this sadhana, Then what happens? miracles start happening. Resources will come, Right guidance will come. That’s what Paramhansa Yogananda said. The first law in spirituality is the law of sincerity. How much you are sincere to yourself, how much you are sincere to your master, how much you are sincere to your ishta devata? Is it clear? it is not that you have to come and tell me your sincerity. No,you should have it within yourself.   


And who is the real master? Who is a real master, is it a body or soul? Its Parabrahma tattva. So, Parabrahma tattva manifests as the outside master. You don’t need to bow down to the outside master. You don’t need to go and attach to the outside master.  You need to attach to the inner master. When I pray to my inner master, the inner master brings the right person in my life, right Guru In my life, right teaching will come to my life. So how am I going to pray to my inner master? by chanting maha paduka guru mantra. My inner master is invoked  in my sahasrara chakra or my heart center when I’m chanting Maha Paduka. And that is Parabrahma tatva, that is a Shiva Shakti, that is Kameshwara Kameshwari or Radha Krishna or Vishnnu Lakshmi or whatever you call it. There are two that will come and help you as one and make you as one. This is very important. And don’t go and attach to any master. Take what is best from outside guru, but don’t attach. 


And don’t waste your money for all other things to build a temple, this and that. If you’re rich enough, if you have a heart feeling you can give. I don’t mind. It’s your personal choice. But it’s not mandatory. Not necessary. Is it clear to you? Not necessary. What is important is you do the seva where your heart is longing. If you want to help one child, for a poor child, for his education, do it. If you want to contribute something to old people who don’t have anything, contribute to them. If you want to give the beggar some money, give it. Don’t worry about what other people say. Some people say “don’t give money to beggars. He will spend it on alcohol and cigars. Hence don’t give to them”. When your heart says, listen to your inner voice. You need to understand as we progress what happens. We need to be one with ourselves. We need to love ourselves. We need to accept ourselves.  Means, I need to accept what is coming inside from me. Inner voice is telling me to go and do it. Go there and do it. These are all very important on the path. 


It is very important to focus on your meditation. Your meditation is the pillar. Please understand, your meditation is the pillar. If you are not meditating, you are just going to this ashrama, that ashrama, this workshop, that workshop, this temple, that temple. No, it is not true. 


When I meditate, I raise my consciousness and then I go to the temple. Now I know the truth whether energy is there in that temple or not. Just meditate, then you go to some temples. You will feel the vibration, you will feel if the energy is there or not. You will feel if there is truth or not. Otherwise you cannot stand in the temple at all. you feel uncomfortable. you will run away from that temple. If it is programmed in a negative way you will not stand there. See that you are protected, guided. Because of your meditation you are taken care of. And always remember your universal laws. Whenever you meditate, for three or six months, and you see no results, don’t drop. Tell yourself it’s a universal law. Inner world creates the outside world. I don’t have eyes to see how many karmas are blocking me. How many sticky karmas are there? But my mind is expecting that in three or six months everything should manifest. 


So always remember the universal laws. Please understand, universal laws help you to focus your mind. Help you believe in your sadhana. Help you bring confidence in your sadhana. These are very important, otherwise you fall down. Outside the world is always there to drag you down. The moment you go back to home because of the old self subconsciousness, your mind overtakes. You have to insist. You have to put in a sincere effort. “I should meditate, I should meditate”. Not any other meditation. Breathing also is meditation. Just chanting mantras is also meditation. Just seeing the Yantra is also meditation. But the meditation given by Lord Shiva through Maha Siddhar Sadhguru Thirumoolarji is the right meditation. we have to put it with the right understanding and guidelines. 


You need to have patience. liberation doesn’t happen by going directly to the 7th level. Problems don’t get solved because my Mahisasura says “when can I start level 7, when will I start level 7 Sri Vidya Sadhana”. Which means you are not happy with level one. Can you see the play of mahishasura? He will not make you happy in level one. You will be just searching for level two, level three. Be careful and work in your own way. All these things are very important things as we progress in our sadhana.


And a very important thing is the five pillars. you need to remember the five pillars. First pillar is Meditation. Second pillar is Japa, which you have to do apart from meditation. Third pillar is  Svādhyāya   or self analysis. Fourth pillar is Seva. Seva means where you want to contribute to humanity. Even if you have a financial problem you should contribute or donate your money somewhere, some amount. Otherwise inflow of the money, outflow of the money is not balanced. Lakshmi tattva cannot be in your home, you will not be able to create abundance. Fifth one is Satsanga. Reading some good books, watching the right videos and listening to at least lalitha sahasranama, especially understanding the names of Lalithambika. Understanding your Ishta Devata, understanding about Sadhguru Thirumoolarji, understanding your Guru parampara or knowing your techniques, feeling about that. Japa itself is a satsanga.  Maha Paduka guru mantra itself is a satsanga. Taking the Guru mantra itself is a satsanga. Taking moola mantra itself is a satanga. We call it a practice of presence. Where we keep our mind in this moment and we hold to the positive vibration, is it clear to you?


So all these things are very important on the path. These are all things you have learned in this workshop. please apply them. Self Analysis, you are here on this earth plane to learn the life lesson, to learn the life lesson. The lesson of self acceptance, accepting others. the lesson of selfcare, caring for others. The lesson of self love and loving others. The lesson of self forgiveness, forgiving others. And ultimate lesson, being aware of yourself. being aware of yourself as a soul in this body. then being aware of your self everywhere as a soul. 


First start with yourself and then if any problem is repeating again and again then know that there is a negative belief, limiting belief and there is a lesson for you. Otherwise, going to any temple, any worship, any mantra, any Havan will not solve the problem. Because root is inside until unless you don’t release the negative belief no Pratyangira havan, no Navagraha havan will help. No Navagraha temple or shanti puja will help. Remember, your powerful root is within. You have to release it. Otherwise all these are the things we have learned in this workshop. So remember and apply them and raise yourself to Shiva Shakti consciousness and never doubt that.  “Guruji, can I get liberated in this life or not?” After attending all the workshops, at the advanced level students will come and ask “can I get a moksha in this life? Is it possible to have a self realization in this life? God realization in this life? it is possible”. Yes it’s 100% possible and it is possible today only and now only if you are ready. It is your birth right to know myself. Do you need any condition to know myself? Do I need any conditions from outside world? Nothing. So never doubt and even if you are older dont feel that “I’m old, there is no possiblity. And that I need to come again to attain moksha”. No, age is not a matter of male or female. It is not a matter. It is a soul. Remember, it is a soul.  Beyond all the genders, beyond all the religions, beyond all the things. It is you, if you are ready, it happens, that’s all. So never postpone this, never postpone. 


And don’t think that mantra will get activated after lakhs of Japa. Mantra may get activated right after taking this deeksha also. Many students come and tell me “Guruji, since y’day when I took diksha, this mantra is going within me. all the time” you see that? means they have not chanted lakhs of time, nothing. They came here, took diksha, went to their place and they slept. It is going on in them, they have not done the mantra Japa or anything. Yet it is active and alive. It becomes ajapa japa. So you don’t put a condition that after one lakh of japam only Mother has to give a darshana. Some people, Mother gives darshana in the workshop itself during deeksha. But they think, “is it possible? scriptures say after some count then only it should happen. Guruji I have not chanted even 10,000 japa and already I’m having darshan. how is it possible?” Means your devotion is good, your surrenderance is good, your acceptance is good. your innocence and quality to allow is good. Hence Mother is coming to you. Or, in your past life you may have been a Yogi. In your past life you have done so much sadhana so it is happening to you. Some people take the level one, two all the things but level five is just vibrating in them. Level five mostly is vibrating. No matter what they cannot avoid it. It is just happening to them because they have done the sadhana of that mantra in their past life or before coming here they have done something. So, it is vibrating that mantra and they are eligible to chant that mantra. Even though they are in level one but still it is happening to them, active, alive in their mind. They are eligible to chant this. So remove all the confusion.


Know that you are a spark of Shiva Shakti. okay? And you are the one beginning point. You are the one endpoint. You are the way. You are the path. You are the goal. That’s what Lord Jesus says. “I’m the path, I’m the way. I’m the truth. I’m the secret”. you see that? Don’t go looking for the secret outside. The secret is within you. Your own soul is that powerful thing. And I told you in the morning, “in meditation, your soul is the source of the creation. source of you. your soul is the source of the mantra, yantra, tantra.” Once you reach your soul you drop mantra, you drop yantra, you drop God, Goddess, Guru and all. Only one remains. No God. No Guru, No nothing. Just you as awareness, you as consciousness, you as sachidananda. 


You just need to be in that state all the time? the more you extend, the more it happens. In the last group meditation one student says that Guruji I was able to be in that Dattatreya state. What is Dattatreya state? Nirguna, Nirakara, Parabrahma, Sachidananda state. Where formless, knowingness, awareness, nothing else. You could be in that state, which means it’s a blessing. it’s a samadhi itself. It’s a short samadhi he is going through. Then he asks “how I can come back and meditate in chakras”. You cannot come back. When you go to the temple, in the inner shrine you are asking “how can I come back into the outer shrine”. I told, don’t come back. Sit there only. You have done this sadhana and sit there and learn how to sit there for a long time. That is the way the siddhas are doing. What is Sadhguru Thirumoolarji doing in his subtle body? Soham. I’m that. That’s all they are doing. What are Rishis doing? I’m that. They are not chanting.  They are not focussing on the chakras. They are not doing anything. They know that “I am that” is the first step in knowing yourself. Second step is being yourself. That’s what Sadhguru Ramana Mahrshi says “Be as you are”. Lord Jesus says “be still and know that I am god”. Not him as God. You as I am state, as a totality, as a consciousness, as an awareness is God. It is only possible when you are still. Still means,  no mind, no body, no thought. it is just being. That is the state of being, not doing. So that is the ultimate experience of all the Siddhas, Yogis and all. And that is the experience of what we call Sri Vidya, Atma Vidya, Brahma Vidya.



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