Srividya Sadhana - Siddha Path to Self-Realization

For the benefit of those who aspire for Self-Realization but don’t have the time to pursue in-depth studies or attend lengthy retreats

Sri Vidya Sadhana

Dispels all the deficiencies of life and helps to lead Stress-free, Peaceful and Successful life.

Sri Vidya Workshop

Siddha Science of Self Empowerment, Self Realization & Self Ascension


Students who having faith and devotion to Divine Mother have experienced highest level of vibrations.


 Sri Yantra Maha Meru with Prana Pratishtapana & Mantra Siddha By Our Siddha Guruji

Learn Srividya 7 levels in 4 days

Everyone can practice srividya sadhana now  |  Everyone can experience divine mother grace now  | Everyone can heal and change their life now


Read following Testimonials “How their Life Problems are Solved and Experiencing Peace, Healing Energy, Bliss & Satisfaction”

“I had divine mother darshan as I was chanting Bala-Tripura tantric mantra. I felt great joy and love surrounding me as soon as divine mother blessed me. Jai Maa”

Nalini.S.M (India)

I could able to aware of vortex of Prana/Life Force at different chakras during meditation. And there was pleasant experience of cool breeze sensation around my spine”

Jordi Carlos(Spain)

“I chanted the mantra yesterday at the time you mentioned. I thank Divine mother, Thirumoolarji, and You for blessing me with the mantra. I experienced automatic bodily movements (slightly moved backward, and sideward). It was like someone adjusting my position. Also I was able to feel the energy field, even after several hours of chanting the mantra”

Kalyani (India)

“I was struggling to meditate from long time. But during Srividya sadhana after initiation, my body began to feel a pleasant sensation and there was rush of energy from sahasrara chakra and great peace embraed me”

Rameshwari.H (Germany)

“Something surprising started happening to me as soon as I sat for Srividya meditation. My body begin to shake in ecstasy of joy and I involuntarily uttered words that I don’t know at all but those words gave me so much joy”

Suresh (UK)

“I am experiencing bodiless awareness as if I don’t have a body and everything seemed empty. Also my eyelids become closed and didn’t open inspite of my efforts. All I felt is divine joy and love within me.”

John Dubz (Australia)

Srividya Sadhana is the Highest Divine Help Available in this world to Burn Your Past life Karma & Solve All Your life Problems Like Health Problem, Job Problem, Money Problem, Marriage Problem, Protection from Negativity & Evil, etc.

Sri Sivapremanandaji


Sivapremanandaji is helping sincere seekers through Thirumoolars sivayoga and Srividya Sadhana.

After experiencing higher states of Samadhi, Sivapremanandaji willing to share Srividya teachings for the benefit of those who aspire for Self-Realization but don’t know where to begin, or their worldly responsibilities are too great to allow them the time to pursue in-depth studies or attend lengthy retreats.

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