How Does Thirumoolar 51 syllable Shiva Mantra Helps?

-by sadguru Sivapremanandaji


We have chanted Om Si V a Ya Na MA, Ya Na Va Si Ma, that is the core mantra of Shivayoga that we learn it and also we use this for Siddha Healing where we want to channel the Siddha Shakti. So 51 Letter mantra is very powerful. As I told you Sadguru Thirumoolar ji explains it will that truth Consciousness, Shiva Consciousness will comes and fills all 543 Chakras without you focusing and doing it. You see in Srividya we bring our attention to chakras and chant the mantra, but here it is programmed mantra. The mantra itself will go and do everything. How it is? It is programmed mantra and I just need to chant. It goes to respective chakras, nadis, and it will activate and work out with this. So this is a programmed mantra of Sadguru Thirumoolar ji to activate the chakras, nadis, cleanse, heal, energize and awaken your kundalini, chakras, nadis and connect you back to the source, shiva Shakti consciousness and bless you with the god realization. That is the main objective of the 51 letter mantra. Of course with that it will give good results for material prosperity and other things also it will give because it is working with the panch mahabhootas- Om Nama Shivaya panch mahabhootas, So when panch mahabhootas are in alignment with good condition then health with be good. When panch mahabhootas are balanced, energized you attract the right money, health and all of that without panch mahabhoota no siddhi. So this mantra is so powerful that is why we have been using it in Siddha Healing. So I suggested to all my students to memorize this mantra. Don’t just sit with Om Mulanji. Memorize this mantra, take advantage of this. You don’t get such highly spiritualized mantra anywhere else. It is such a secret it comes only in Siddha Parampara, use it. It is a blessing and great gift from Sadguru Thrumoolar ji to us.


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