How to Overcome the problems in Life?

-by Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji

Now we are facing some problems in our life. We don’t know what is the root cause of that problem. What is that is creating, what is my belief that is creating. What is those negative thought that is creating. What is that negative energy block or karmic block that is creating my problem.I don’t have understanding. But as i practice these techniques what happens, i raise my consciousness. When i raise my consciousness what happens, i could able to perceive the problem and its situations and understand and OVERCOME that problem.

Is it clear to Einstein says that if you are dealing with any problem and if you are having the same consciousness means you cannot overcome that. If you want to overcome that problem you need to raise your consciousness then you can change your problem. But the question is how to raise the consciousness. That is the biggest question, how to raise my that i can see with my invisible eyes, i can see with my intuition what is happening in my consciousness, in my mind, in my inner reality, so that i can bring the change in the outside reality. So lord krishna says that in the bhagavad gita, one of the greatest law of universe is the “universal law of karma” . It says cause and effect. Where is the cause, that is the question, is that what i am doing outside is the cause, or when i take any action, the intention behind that, the thought behind that, belief behind that, feeling behind that, that is the cause. So the cause is not outside, the cause is inside. Inner reality, the inner world that is made of thoughts, belief, feeling, karmas and all those those psychic impressions is your inner reality that is the cause that is going to create the effect. The experience in this earth dimension. And  many of us what we do, to solve the problem that is happening outside we take the help of all the thing from outside world to overcome. So we see that many times we go on putting all our efforts, our knowledge, our intellectual knowledge, all our resources money help friends everything but still problem did not solve. Because the root is not outside, the root is inside. So that is the universal law of karma, inner reality created the external reality. So if i want to change my outside life i need to bring the change in my inner reality, in my thoughts, in my beliefs, in my feelings , in my karmas, in my energy. Then i can see that changes outside. So in vedas they call the same thing “yedh bhavam that bhavathi” what ever bhava you have, whatever energy you have, whatever thought you have, whatever feeling you have, whatever belief you have that you are going to manifest in the outside world. Your belief about yourself, leave about another person. Your relationship with yourself, leave about another person. That is more important than anything else in this external world. If i accept myself? this is very important question, whether i can allow myself not feeling guilty not feeling bad about what i have ignorantly i have done outside. Whether i can give love to myself. Very challenging question. Giving emotional love to other is easier. But giving love to our own soul is very challenging.

Acceptance, allowance and taking care, taking care of my own self. What it means? Having a positive belief about myself. Positive thought about myself, positive feeling about my own self. Then comes family , then comes the entire world. If you are not happy inside what happens? You cannot express that to the outside. If you are happy inside, outside things even that is  not proper can be changed. Main thing is your happiness is more important. So this is very important that these srividya techniques level 1 to 7 they start working and bringing the transformation or changing the energy of your inner reality.Inner reality, because there is one more universal law that says that “ Higher dimension energy replaces the lower dimension Energy”. Also we know the universal law of thermodynamics,”The energy cannot be destroyed,ok, cannot be created but it can be transformed”. That is the universal law of energy replacement. Whatever energy i have inside whether negative belief negative thought depression stress anxiety, ok all that problem i am facing , mental disorders because of the fear please understand. All these emotions have one root cause that is FEAR that we have gone through in our childhood or some how because of the society we suppressed, suffocated and that become a stored energy within our own soul. How i am going to change that. That is where again srividya sadhana techniques, where they bring a highest dimension energy to your soul and higher dimension energy once it comes into your soul what happens, it will replace the lower dimension energy. It is something that i have a bottle of ink water, i have a bottle of ink water, i go on adding the pure water, what happens to that, ultimately the ink water is replaced with a pure water. Now you are like a bottle of ink water. Now your job is how i am going to become a bottle of pure water. And how i am going to bring? Water itself is energy. You see that water itself is an energy. So how i can bring that higher dimension energy is the question. How i can bring it and burn my karmas that i have done ignorantly. I have done ignorantly in this life and past life. Because of my culture, or conditioning, because of you know outside situation, the action you have taken ignorantly without awareness, whatever karma you have done, what even negative intentions for yourself and others released. Now how i can undo all of that, and created positivity for myself and my family and to the world? That is the objective. So that is where the importance of srividya sadhana come into a play. Is it clear to you?. And here there is no belief system. These 4 days you will be learning the universal laws. Universal laws mean that is the truth. That is existed, controlling in this third dimension. You know that universa law of duality or polarity, that is ruling this world, third dimension earth dimension. It means , polarity means there are two forces always ,positive or negative. There is always 2 forces. Day and Night. There are always 2 forces, Male and Female. Everywhere you see that these two forces when they came together then only there is a creation. Otherwise there is no creation. When these two forces are not in balance, then only there is a friction, and problem. You see that, it is a universal law. If i understand this and realise that this is the universal law and the nature of this world is duality and you know polarity. Then do i need to see that everything that is existed as a permanent.

Nothing is permanent, everything is temporary. Is Day is permanent?, or night is permanent?

Can you understand this. Universal law of duality or polarity is saying that everything is vibrating. It is the nature of the wave, it is always positive is there negative is there. Sometimes positive comes sometimes negative. Sometime positive sometime negative. Sometime in your life how you see that, problem will be there. You feel so much stress, so much anxiety so many things and suddenly what happens problems disappear. Again you feel happiness, joy love, grace. Again problem. Again!. So there is nothing in this life there is permanence in the happiness or permanence in the problem. It is always up and down. Up . Down. Even your thoughts about yourself. How are your thoughts about yourself in the are your thoughts about yourself in the evening, completely different, can you see that. It is the universal law that is influencing this physical dimension. It is the universal law that is influencing the mind we need to understand this, so these universal laws we are going to learn these 4 days where you don’t need to believe anything . You need to understand the universal law, and try to be aware of that the universal law is working outside and also inside. With that universal law bring that knowledge, change your life. Is it clear to you. That is what this universal law is telling that nothing is permanent, do you think your destiny is permanent. Do you think that whatever is told in your horoscope is going to be fixed. That is going to happen? With the help of universal law i can very clearly tell that your destiny is not permanent. Why it is , there is one more universal law with that, it says that “ Universal law of vibration“ it says that everything vibrates. This paper vibrated so its frequency is different. Its energy is different, so its form is different. Yes or no? Is it scientific or not?. So if this mike is there it is also has its own vibration. We have the cloth it has its own vibration. You see that 2 people are not vibrating at the same frequency. If they vibrate at the same frequency you see that some chemistry is happening. If they vibrate at the same frequency. So everything is vibrating nothing is fixed. Vibrating what it means? Up and down waves. Vibrating means it is not static consciousness, it is dynamic consciousness. This earth world is dynamic consciousness. If it is dynamic consciousness do you think that your karmas are in a fixed way? NO. Your karma, the karmic impressions are they fixed? Do you think whatever that is given in the horoscope the astrologer given , is it going to be fixed., are you going to experience this? NO. Nothing is fixed here.nothing is fixed. You influence with your thoughts, your influence by surrendering to divinity. You influence because of the interference of the master. You influence with your own destiny. You create. You manipulate. You modify. you raise yourself beyond all the written thing, our written destiny about yourself. Why i am telling you need to accept because universal law of vibration. You don’t know to believe my word. You need to believe the universal laws. It is working day and night. It is working day and night and together this collective consciousness how it is , you cannot predict anything about this world. it is spontaneously happening nothing can be predicted. Until unless the person is very high with his intuition. Have a intellectual knowledge, intutional knowledge, have a power to penetrate in the akashic records, and see through, then only he can predict otherwise a normal person cannot make it happen. So why i am telling, these 4 days we are going to work learn bring awareness. About universal laws. And when we understand the universal laws we know that these universal laws work same for all of us. It is like universal law of gravity. It is like universal law of gravity that everyone has to follow. Everyone has to follow. So if i have a awareness about universal laws. Then i get a clarity about my life. You read many books that somebody says that you cannot change your karmas. Somebody says that your can change the karmas. But if i know that universal law of vibration, nothing is fixed and i can change the karma. I should not worry about that. I should not get confused. I have a clarity. This clarity is very important in spirituality. If clarity is not there i cannot grow. If confusion is there, it is like a energy block in the spiritual path. If there is clarity what happens i can go ahead in my spiritual path. Experience the truth about myself and external existence. Is it clear to you.

So here there is nothing like questionable confusion belief system. Here it is more practical in a scientifically because we are following the universal laws. When i work in my scientific laboratory what i do? I find the property of some object some material. Some functioning of kynes, protein this or what something like that. If i take the example of water i find the property that water has boiling point of 100 degree celsius. This property itself is a universal law. Yes or now. This property is a law. It says that whether you boil the water here it is 100 degree celsius.that is going to boil. Or you boil at your home it is 100 degree celsius. If i use gas stove then also it is going to be same. If it is electric stove then also it is going to be same. This is the property i filed in scientific lab, then how i can use this for application, to make help in my day to day life. So same way in spiritual also we have universal laws. You have universal laws and you need to understand those universal laws, and there are some principles about spirituality than you need to understand about the mantra , about the yantra , about the tantra and about the meditation. And how the master could able to understand that. And then there is a some more inner universal laws are there. One of the very important inner universal laws is “Inner universal laws are of mind and breathe”. Mind and breathe work together. And they are in a relationship. If your mind is disturbed your breathing is also disturbed. Yes nor no? When you are very happy joyful how is your breathing? Slow happy and stable and all. When you are stressful and got anger, how is your breathing, is it slow breathing? You don’t know you see the energy, can your feel the energy in the head. Literally divine lifeforce energy come out. Yu feel such a circulation of blood in you. You breathing you know will be very difficult. You lose your consciousness, control. You don’t know what you are going to do. You act subconsciously, not consciously. Your Subconscious mind overtakes. You see that why i feel like that, i am not the same person , i don’t feel like this. Because you are not the same person. Your subconscious mind overtaken and you created that problem. That negative situation for your own loved ones or for yourself. It is the universal law. In yoga they use this universal law. They say that by controlling the breathe i can control the mind. Yes or no? So that is one of the technique we call it pranayama. Why it is, because it is backed with the universal law. Even if you go to thousand year more ahead this technique is used. Is it clear to you, why? Behind it there is universal law. So we need to understand the inner laws of our own body, mind, breathe, soul. Once we understand that then what happens the energy, then we know how to control inner dimension inner reality, then what happens, outer reality become just a flow no resistance at all. It is just happening, success is just on your path. You don’t need to worry about it. You know that. That is where faith will come. It is very difficult. Having faith is very difficult. But when you know that, when you repeat and you know that this law is  working then faith will come. You know that If i control my breathe obviously i am going to control the mind. So if i want to overcome my anger i need to bring my awareness to breathing. I need to practice no matter what if i want to overcome. There is no alternative method. Yes or no. then i put my effort, i am going to overcome my anger feeling. So this is how we learn the inner universal laws, outside universal laws. And we in this workshop we learn how to apply them. That is very important. Workshop is for what, how to not only bring the awareness, how to apply this universal laws so that i can bring the change. Everybody know i need to meditate to bring transformation but sitting and meditating is questionable. Everybody know that i need to think positive about myself and others. But controlling negative thought is challenge. So that is why the workshop is there where you will be learning all those techniques , how to control yourself , how to bring awareness to yourself, what are the universal laws, and what are the life lessons. You are not in this earth just to enjoy. Please understand. You are here to experience the lesson, so you are going through different problems. Every person’s problems are different with their karmas. Everybody is different with his lessons. If i don’t have awareness about the lessons i am going to learn, then what happens, the same problem repeat repeat repeat. I go through this relationship breakup, find another person go with the relationship broken, the person is different, but when the person comes in relationship with me, behave like the same person like that. Because the person has changed but the energy is not changed. So even Person is changed but energy is not changed. Person is changed but what i am attracting, the same energy person i am attracting in my life. Can you understand this. These are very very you know important things. You go through career issues, your boss is very bad, you undergo such a torture and mental and all. And you wanted to go out of this, i no more want to get this person and i want to land to the new job, and you go to the new job, you are very good and happy after such a struggle you could able to go and you realise that person is changed company changed boss is changed but the state of your experience is the same. Who is creating this, ourself.

So we need to understand that we need to bring the awareness about yourself. Company changed name changed person changed  but still something is not changed, that is the energy in me, that is attracting that vibration. That is why you know, there is one more universal law, the “Universal law of attraction” .”Universal law of attraction” works with the “Universal law of vibration”. Like vibration attracts the like thing. And here the universal law of attraction doesn’t work on the just the conscious thoughts. The universal law of attraction works on the frequency of subconscious mind. Please understand. Many of us you see that visualize, think positive and do all of that, but when we go outside  happens negative only. Why it is? I am creating attracting because of my subconscious mind and 5 percent is the conscious mind and 95 percent is my subconscious mind. I don’t know how to communicate to my subconscious mind. I don’t know how to impress my subconscious mind. I don’t know how to seed the right thought in my subconscious mind. I don’t know how to change my frequency of my subconscious mind. But i am going on reading that book and doing all but not bringing any changes. That is where we have a siddha mind power. Siddha mind power where we teach you how to communicate  with subconscious mind. This is very important, and this subconscious mind is a kalpavriksha kamadhenu in our life. The moment you know you say afraid out of fear, dengu will be in delhi ok and you are in bengaluru, and afraid fear oh my god i may experience the dengu. Out of fear out of imagination, out of feeling i impress my subconscious mind, next day kalpavriksha kamadhenu or allavuddin says “tathastu”.—————— Next dengu will be there. I have seen, there is universal law, “Whatever you register that persists”. “Whatever you fear the most , that you attract”. And people don’t have this understanding of this principle this law, and without awareness of this, they are doing this mantra and that yantra, they are going this temple that temple but the problem is not going. Go to the biggest temple in this world but the problem remains the same, you do the you know mahamrityunjaya, prathyangira this and that all haven everything is finished but you are so powerful, you don’t allow that.

You know there is “universal law of free will” that says that you have a free will.  Even when i do the haven outside the energy is coming, if i have a negative block it means i am telling that “don’t enter” , then the mahamrityunjay says i respect you. My child i respect you. This is how it works. So we need to bring this awareness to all this principles, universal laws,  then have a understanding about that. And know how to apply them, then apply them and then you’ll have a great confidence. Then we call it self-confidence. Confidence is not that you have 1 million rupees in your bank. Or you have 10 gundaas with me , or you know all holds in the political level connections. Not that confidence i am talking. The confidence that i have the knowledge that even my business fades outside i know how to create it back, got this point. The knowledge that you have about universal laws, about your soul, about your mind about your prana and the knowledge how to apply it. And the knowledge how to connect to the divine and bring the divine interference in my life and change my life. That is very very important. So all these things we are going to learn in this 4 days. So siddha mind power is one of the greatest tool , because why ? 1 hour i meditate, 12 hours i think negatively. 1 hour i meditate i have a goal i visualize , i affirm ,ok.  The moment i come outside the meditation room what happens completely your old soul overtake. Same negative patterns. Negative thinking. So 1 hour positive energy 12 hours negative energy, if i balance them, who is going to get empowered and who is going to be more powerful, 1 hour or this 12 hour? So i have seen many people are meditating years and years no results. Even they don’t know how to control and sustain their own energy. Many people are giving their energy. Meditation energy. They don’t know how to protect their own aura. They don’t know how to cut their own energy chords who are dragging you know and talking away all this energy. They don’t know anything how to manage and sustain. They only know that they read a book and take a mantra and they chant, that’s all. They don’t know how to manage themselves. So all these things we are going to learn. All these things we are going to learn like siddha mind power, and then we have a siddha healing, where not only we help ourself,  we want to help our loved ones. I want to help my family members, i want to help my children’s. I want to help my husband. Wife you know my parents. How i can do that because they cannot meditate. They don’t have a belief system that they can you know to worship divinity, they understand divinity, but as a expression of gratitude and love learn healing invoke that higher dimension energy, channel that to my loved ones so that he can experience the good health. He can overcome the obstacles in his life.

So siddha healing is very important that we are going to learn. Not only that, how we are going to activate the yantras, crystals, by ourselves. And how use this siddha sakthi to connect to the deity in the temple. Wherever i go to the pilgrimage, any you know sacred space or any siddha samadhi. How i can connect to that master. Because you cannot connect so easily. Every temple has a protective aura and kalabhairava will be sitting there as a you know security guard. You cannot easily access that temple energy. It is very difficult. So how i can with the help of kalabhairava with the help of siddha sakthi connect with that,  and receive the energy, so all of this, bring the positive energy to home, some time we are doing good with the meditation, but because of so many negative things that is happening in my home, we are together creating negative thoughts, emotions, feelings and energy. Where they are, they are stuck at the corners of your home. How i am going to clean that vastu. Got this point. All these things, not only changing my inner reality, bring the changes in the outside reality, have a positive mind, and understand the universal laws and principles and raise myself help myself, and also others.

The last day we have haven. There are we dont just you know, we also know the property of fire. What is the property of fire?

Going outside that is one of the property. This spiritual path means what? It is vertical. Its racing energy from low to high. When i connect with fire what happens? My energy flow what is the direction? Upwards. It is a universal law. And another nature of the fire what it is ? if i throw a paper in the fire what it does.? Burns. The paper has the form or there is a change in this form? It destroys. Brings to its original form.  And our siddhas rishis realise that, why don’t i throw my thoughts, why don’t i throw my karmas, don’t you think your karmas will be burnt there. It will burn. Because it is not a physical energy, it also has a subtle energy. It has its own soul. So this fire is a pure element. Third property is it is a pure element. You see most of our pancha mahabhutas, most of the elements are not pure. But the fire is the only one that is having a purity. Whenever i work with a purity , there is a “universal law of resonance”. What it says , the purity is a higher dimension of vibration. When i connect with that what happens with my soul, it gets the same vibration. Purity brings in my soul. If purity brings in my soul what it means, you are burning the blocks of your problems. You are burning the energy that is causing the problem in your outside life. So like these , these tools are  very powerful. These are the energy tools backed with the universal laws and principles, that we are going to use and change our lives. Raise our souls. Raise our energy. Bring that bliss, joy, happiness, success in our life as well as in our family members.

Shivohum, shivohum, shivohum, shivohum, shivohum, shivohum

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