How to perform Khadagamala Havan & Namavali?

by Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji


If you are already got initiated in Sri Vidya level one, you can use level one mantra to make it as namavali.

For example:

 Om Aim Hreem Sreem Hridaya deviya Namaha!

 Om Aim Hreem Sreem Shiro Deviya Namaha.

So you add this level one bija mantra “Om Aim Hreem Sreem” before and namaha at the end. then it’s more powerful, you take one step ahead okay? If you want to do haven. So many times many students ask Guru ji what is actually Sri Vidya Haven? what is actually Sri Vidya Haven? This is theSri Vidya. If you take every name and at the end you add Swaha.

For Example: Om Aim Hreem Sreem Hridya Deviya Swaha

if you do this haven its ultimate it is. Ultimate!

There you know khadagamala there is like this nama japa is there, another where it is namoanthamala where namaha is there, another type is swahaanothamala is there where swaha is added, so you just need to add swaha at the end of each name. at the beginning of each name the divine mother mantra is added

  For example: Om Aim Hreem Sreem Hridaya deviya swaha

                        Om Aim Hreem Sreem Shirideviya Swaha

You can also use this for archana for example if you want to do arachan for sri chakra every day, one way is we do it with Lalitha Sahasranama. But more powerful than the Lalitha Sahasranama is the Devi Khadagamala. So what you do, you take the copper Sri Yantra or Meru Sri Yantra, if you don’t have, take a paper sri Yantra laminate it (geometry is very important) at the centre of the sri Yantra you take every name

Example: Om Aim Hreem Sreem Hridayadeviya Namaha –add kumkum at the centre. Do same for every name, until you finish all the 181 names. It will take just 10 minutes. But the energy that you create and the benefit you get is amazing. There are no words to explain and how powerful it is.

Tarpana also you can do it, you can take the water and with these two fingers and add by chanting

Om Aim hreem Sreem Hridayadeviya poojayami Tharpayami namaha

Like that tarpana also you can do.

But haven and archana is amazing where you will feel energy like anything the best possible. You can do this haven for house opening ceremony. You don’t need any other haven like Ganapati, navagraha or sudharsan nothing is needed. You yourself if you do this is more powerful than anything else.

The way we had thought in the sri vidya workshop you can use haven procedure and you can just say swaha. Of course it will take lot of time to memorise so you just read it and put the ahuti in the haven. Archana also do like this only. We can arachan with kumkum or flower petals or flowers. Whatever flower is available you can do it. If you don’t want flower or if you don’t want kumkum then do just with manasa japa. You just feel that You are offering your prana. got the point. You don’t need kumkum or flower or anything, you just need to offer your prana. feel that for divine mother you are offering your prana. For what purpose are you offering kumkuma archana? please tell me? because what happens when I add kumkuma arachan means, I am offering my prana there. my prana consists of positive karma and negative karma and when I make a sankalpla, mother please help me for the improvement of my business. So what happens when I do archana with kumkum and kumkum has power to absorb my prana and transfer in to the sri Yantra. And when the prana is transferred, the prana had positive karma and negative karma. The negative karma which are associated with business are taken away by the divine mother and mother bless me a positive energy so that I can fulfil my desires. It is the power of archana, I giving my negative karma and mother is burning them and giving us positive karma. If I am having sani dosha then I can do khadagamala Archana , mother I have sani dhosa so please remove this, don’t go here and there. Sit and do it. Every year whatever it is sani dosha, rahu dosha anything please do archana or haven. This nine Avaranas represents Nava Grahas. Please understand. Everything is here. You really don’t need to go anywhere, with in your home you have all of that in the form sri yantra. Whatever dosha you have make a sankalpa and do archana.

Shivoham !!!

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