How to receive Devi darshan in this life!

Darshana of divine mother is not a difficult thing. It depends upon your surrenderance, your devotion, your commitment towards divine mother… this is very important that you need to know.

Divine mother can give Darshana in many different forms, different energies. So you don’t think that divine mother should come in this form only, wearing particular saree only etc., to ascertain me of getting Her darshana. No! Many times Lord Shiva appears in the form of normal human beings, silently blesses us and goes. At that time we won’t know that it was Shiva Himself who had come… only later we would realise it.

Tirumoolar ji has done that… he has come in many different forms of young and old and has blessed us!

Lalita Ambika comes as Bala, blesses us and goes…. She comes as an old lady,as a healer, blesses and goes. We don’t know how she will come to bless us and go.

Hence Darshana is not very difficult. Your love, devotion and surrenderance are very important than anything else.

It is possible!…. it is possible in this life if you really have that love devotion and surrenderance towards Divine Mother. If divine mother is the first and the foremost in your life then it is possible!

Instead if all other things are first in your life than divine mother and divine mother holds the second or the last position in your priority list then it is not possible!


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