Importance of Granthis (Psychic Knots)

by Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji


What is the use of these 3 granthis. This is where human consciousness, you see lower chakras-what are the lower chakras we have? Muladhara, Manipura and Swadhistana. And what is the use of this. Muladahara specifically we have given, material aspect means money issues, fear, survival. When you come to Swadhistana- hidden relationships, sexual related. And your Manipura- food center. Food means not only physical food but attention we take from different senses. And these chakras you know everybody’s is open. Everybody wants food, everybody wants money and all of that. So these 3 chakras are open for all of us. So we are stuck in this lower consciousness. To break this granthi means I enter from lower region to heart region. That is where compassion, love, selfless service, blessing, giving will come.

So every granthi represents one state of consciousness. So we say Granthi Bhedna. The moment I cross one granthi means I cross this Samsara. So everyday do Srividya. It has particular task to do. From human, to divine to Universal. Got this point?

From human to divine means now there is compassion, love. Divine means from human you become a deva. From deva you become a siddha- or that oneness with the cosmic consciousness, oneness with the universal consciousness.

So our 7 chakras help you to know who you are, where you are, where you need to go. Thease 3 granthis help you to understand what is the importance of the granthis, their esoteric meaning, their quality, consciousness, tatva. So that I can penetrate that consciousness, and go the next step of my evolution, ascension.

So Srividya is so perfectly designed that you go from  muladhara to sahasrara. Many people work with the chakras but they don’t know what about the granthis. Why there is psychic knot, bundle of psychic know. What is the importance of that? What consciousness it will hold? They are like dams you know, the water dams. The energy it holds there. If I want to break this then only I can go to the next granthi. If I break that then only I go to the next granthi.

So Varahi is the one in this granthi (in forehead) we call Rudra. One in heart is Vishnu, and lower granthi Brahma. So Brahma Granthi, Rudra Granthi and Vishnu Granthi.

So Brahma Granthi is the one where we worship Durga, that is why we do Durga Saptashati. And then we go for Shymala or Rajmatangi. Then we go for Varahi.

But when we do this Level 1,2,3. Where you don’t worship Varahi, where you don’t worship Rajshymala, where you don’t worship Ganesha. But Level 1-3 automatically helps me to cleanse all the things. Because it has 9 shaktis, 9 powers. Those 9 powers are connected to all the layers of our consciousness going from muladhara to sahasrara. When it help to cleanse our horoscope, it will help to cleanse our navagrahas. It will helps us to cleans the panchmahabhootas. It wll help us to cleanse the granthis. And again if some issue is there then panchdashi mantra, where every kuta, kuta  means peak energy that penetrates my granthis. Even panchdashi mantra has Varahi, Rajmatangi and Kaameshwari

, Waghbhav kuta, kaam kuta and Shakti kuta. So again, the panchdashi represents Srushti, Stithi and Laya. Or, Suryaandala, Chandramandala, Agnimandala.


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