Is it ok if we don’t feel anything during the deeksha session?

by Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji

Yes, as I have explained in some of the videos, everybody is not sensitive to the Divine energy, and some of you are soul oriented, where you don’t have psychic abilities, you are not visualistic, not kinesthetic, not auditory.

In that case, you need to accept whatever the Guru says and do the regular sadhana with the guidelines, okay?

If you don’t feel, then you watch your thoughts level, feelings level.

After 2 to 3 months of Sadhana, your thinking level will change; your belief will change; your perception will change; your behaviour will change…okay?… your way of handling your emotions will change – negative emotions will be less; negative thoughts will be less; negative behaviour will be less – your confidence will be good; you will be inspired; you will have lot of energy,centeredness…okay? So check for all these aspects in such cases.

And during Deeksha, all don’t feel this. Please understand.

All people don’t feel energy.

All people do not have a Darshana.

All people do not have the beautiful experience.

I am telling you!

Some people though feel the energy,they feel exhausted because of the healing. They feel very heavy; they sleep.

After deeksha some people sleep for 1 hour, for 2 hours. Like babies they sleep forgetting the world as such healing has taken place for them.

In the guidelines I have made it very clear that you need to just follow the deeksha process. That’s all.

You need not expect that Divine Mother should come and touch you; that you should feel the energy; you should feel the kundalini….all these are not needed.

People who are kinesthetic feel it.

People who are visualistic see the light of energy, different colours of energy, different gods and goddesses.

People who are auditory start to hear different divine sounds, astral sounds,OM naadha.

People who are not any of these, feel just relaxed or just stay…they don’t feel any of them and it’s normal. Don’t worry about any of this!

Just continue your sadhana. If you are here then Mother has brought you, has taken care of you! Just do regular sadhana as guided by the Siddhas from our Parampara, things will be taken care! Okay?


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