Is seeing dazzling light on chidakash normal during Tirumoolar’s Shivayoga practice?

-By Shri Sadguru Shivapremanandaji

Sadhak’s Question: While doing the Jyoti mudra in Shivayoga, the dazzling light appears on Chidakash in an excessive manner on the certain days. Though it is a surprising, pleasant experience, do we need to follow any guidelines to avoid adverse effect?

Guruji’s answer: This light that is manifesting, this is Astral color light, the Astral inner world of Shiva shakti, inner world of light and sound. And it will not create any adverse effect. It is a blessing for you. Sometimes we receive better Shiva Shakti. Sometimes we don’t receive better. Jyoti madra helps you to introduce you how much you are receiving divine light, divine energy, divine vibration. Jyoti Mudra is the introduction to you, to your own divine. So don’t worry if sometimes more light, enjoy that; less light, enjoy that. Offer everything at the feet of Shiva Shakti. If there is a problem to you, then let me know. If there is no uncomfortable feeling,enjoy this, let go!

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