Is there any conditions to be followed for chanting Varahi Sadhana?

By Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji

Here we don’t have any restrictions while doing the Sadhana, I am telling you!

You can do the Sadhana even without taking bath… ‘morning I get up, fresh up myself, meditate and then have my bath and all of that… is it clear to you?

There are no restrictions. It is not any pooja or outer ritual where there are conditions prescribed by the Shastra that you have to take a bath.

This is an inner Sadhana where I am working with my own soul, my own inner energy, my own self.… is it clear?… no condition of any type.

Mental chanting need no condition. Even when you are in the bathroom, you can chant this Mantra! And people chant better in the bathroom( laughs) as they are holding no masks there… they will be happily chanting .

Why I am saying  all of this is because people have restrictions – Guruji, when I am wearing shoes can I chant the mantra or not? …

when I am in the bathroom can I chant the mantra or not?… when I am at a hotel can I chant the mantra or not?…when I am in a super market can I chant the mantra or

not ? – (waves the hand in negation) …Divine mother is everywhere!

Hotel is a hotel because of divine mother… got this point?

A flower is having the atomic configuration of the flower because of divine mother.

Water is having the form of water because of divine mother! Everywhere Divine is there… we cannot escape from the divine!

Only we put the conditions as to we should chant here only, we should not chant there .

And this is not the deity as Ugra Devatha where there are restrictions as to where we have to chant.

This is the unconditional love of Sri Lalitha Ambika manifesting as the protecting power to you! Is it clear to you ?

So you should not have any type of conditions. Your only intention should be to be one with the mother, that is all!

“I want to be one with divine mother! I want to bring Mother’s consciousness in my every moment, every level of my existence, every part of my life” is it clear to you?

I have even told to some of my students that even when you are in a sexual activity and want to attract divine child, chant the mantra! Got this point? Because you put the intention / pray to divine mother – ‘Mother! please give me a good child; a divine soul’ .

Otherwise, if I don’t pray, don’t attract a divine child, you know, whole of the life will be a problem, you will suffer because of your children.

So I am telling you…bring the Mother in every action of your life!

Do not put any type of condition, because it is inner Sadhana. Inner Sadhana of the soul do not have any conditions or restrictions of rituals put forth by the shastras.

Please understand.

And many people do Sadhana better while they are on their beds also. You know…you can do Sadhana on your bed also. If you cannot do in the morning due to much work and you cannot sit also, while your lying on your bed going to sleep, chant the mantra… it will be that day’s Sadhana for you, is it clear?

You should not leave any day without taking the name of the Mother!

Try to invoke, chant, bring her consciousness in all fields of your life. Then what happens? Everything will be Divine!

You don’t have the feeling that ‘this is dirty, this is bad, this is good,… this,… that’. No. We need to go beyond all this, right?

Spirituality means raising beyond good and bad. Then only you become a yogi. That is it’s explanation given in Bhagwat Geeta and other scriptures.

When will you grow beyond?

When you accept Divine, allow it at all levels of existence, in all fields of your life, at all times, it happens.

So no restrictions of any sort in chanting the Mantra, Moola Mantra. Do it has much as you can!

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