Keys & Rules

Important Keys and Rules to follow for Siva Sadhana Distance Course Students:

  1. You should sincerely practice each level of siva sadhana for minimum 8 weeks. Then only next level mantra shakti will open. If you miss one or two days then add missing days to your practice of 8 weeks. Don’t take 4-5 days of continuous break because it will lower your vibration and results won’t be effective. In that case, you should start sadhana from the beginning as a day one.

  2. Its your journey to discover your truth and Law of sincerity is the first law one should follow in spirituality. So sincerity towards oneself, one’s spiritual practice and Spiritual Master  is very important in spiritual progress.

  3. Every level should be practiced for minimum 8 weeks. After that only you can send your experience and Guruji will review & send you next level.This review is to help student to progress next level without any problems and safety. Experiences sent simply in One-line are not appreciated and accepted. Also short form of words/sentence as used in SMS is not accepted. Such mail won’t be replied also. Another point is, allow minimum 48hrs to get reply from guruji. If you don’t receive mail after 48hrs only then re-send your mail because sometimes mails go to spam folders.

  4. Please mention which siva sadhaan level (like level-2 or 3 etc) that you are requesting in the subject of the email.

  5. in doubt clearing session, Ask questions related to the siva sadhana spiritual practice that is taught here not any other practices that you learned from somewhere else. Also questions related to your family members and their problems Who are not part of the srividya program is not encouraged and answered.

  6. Respect, gratitude and devotion to Guru parampara and Sri Sivapremanadaji help to receive more divine grace on your spiritual progress.

  7. Disciple is one who sincerely follows the discipline given by the Master. If you are not practicing with sincerity and gratitude then you won’t be able to receive divine grace & realization on your path.

  8. Spiritual progress is not only about quantity of doing more sadhana or mantra chanting etc but also about quality of your awareness. If sadhana is not done with Awareness, Devotion & gratitude then the progress will be slow.

  9. Don’t do more than one sadhana/spiritual practice at a time. It will dilute your energy, devotion and time. Also its difficult to discriminate which sadhana is working good for you. I have seen many students are doing so many sadhanas and confused to decide about their own path to follow. Sincerely practice one sadhana and see if it is giving inner peace & balance, healing, wholeness and satisfaction. If something is missing then take a help of master to choose different sadhana to fill the missing gap.

  10. Many students have a misconception that they choose a GURU but it is not TRUE. It is GURU who Chooses a Disciple. You will be having many masters to help you as you progress in your spiritual path. Learn best from the master you got it and be gratitude, show your respect and devotion to master and walk on your path to reach or realize TRUE GURU i.e. YOUR OWN SOUL. True outer guru is a reflection of inner Guru/Soul.

  1. Self-realization won’t come to you even if you do very powerful sadhana available on this earth. It comes to one who sincerely follows the sadhana with BURNING DESIRE for self-realization or who is feeling pain of not knowing his True-self or who gives first priority to it in life.  Self-realization and God-realization are highest attainment that ends your suffering & makes you Jivan mukta.

  2. Divine is unconditional love and you can attract it only by cultivating unconditional love in you. Divine won’t be attracted by any means i.e money, gold, flowers, costly rituals etc. So sitting for meditation in a state of giving your love to divine without expecting anything is a right attitude of a true seeker.

  3. Divine is unconditional love. It is true father, mother, friend and lover of all. So don’t have fear if you do mistake. Expect only love and blessings from divine.

  4. Inner world of thoughts, beliefs, energy pattern, and emotions creates outside world that you experience as reality. So Inner world is the REAL world and it’s very important to have positive thoughts, emotions and intentions to transform your life and experience success. Remember, 30 min of meditation and 12hrs of negative thinking in a day don’t bring REAL transformation. Spirituality is BEING AWARE of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and intentions. More you aware of your inner world more you bring purification, changes and transformation in your life. This is real Svadhyaya that Vedas speaks.

  5. Regular meditation, Svadhyaya (self-analysis) and service towards humanity and world are important part of spiritual sadhana. You spiritual growth will be limited to certain level if you don’t contribute and serve humanity and world. Global Meditation event conducted by us is the best service you can do by participating from your home. For more details about Global Meditation events ,Please check our website:

  1. The Spiritual master should be honored and respected as embodiment of divine. The progress of an aspirant depends upon the degree of intensity of respect which the initiated has for his Spiritual master. Spiritual Master is a portal from which you are receiving divine blessings, energy, guidance and grace. Otherwise, it will block your progress.

  2. You don’t have permission to reveal to anyone these techniques of The Siva Sadhana under any circumstances. These teachings are only for your personal growth towards Self-Realization & not for teaching or sharing with others. These techniques are protected by Krodharaj bhairava. By doing so, you will lose the charge of Guru and invite unknown karmic consequences.

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