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Sri Devi Khadgamala Mantra and strotra Deeksha: Free Event !!!

Upcoming khadgamala strotra deeksha dates:

16th December 2017

-What is khadgamala strotra and understanding its tantric aspect.
-Why it is called “sarva rakshakara(Ultimate protection) strotra
-Sri chakra and khadgamala devatas
-Relation between Human soul, mind, body and khadgamala devathas
-What are the benefits of its sadhana
-Khadgamala shuddha shakti moola Mantra deeksha to activate
Khadgamala strotra power
-Paraprasad guru mantra deeksha
-How to chant and do khadgamala Archana
-Many more….

Timing:9.30AM to 12.30PM
Eligibility: Anyone can attend (Age limit 18 to 70 years).
Registration Donation: Free

Venue: (Rout Map is given at the end of the page.Please scroll down)
Mulavarga self-realization center
#7, Vasumathi Arcade, 3rd Floor,
opposite Khadi Nation Shop,
DVG Road,Gandhi Bazar,Basavanagudi

How to Register:
We can accomodate only 40 members in the hall
so please call to the following number and confirm your
participation. Prior confirmation is MUST.
Mobile: 9901019177 (Timing :10AM to 8PM)

-Please Don’t send any mail for confirming your participation. Only call to the above mobile number and confirm. thanks
-Please don’t send any request for online Khadgamala deeksha. Its only offered offline,Thanks

Route Map to Mulaverg Center:

route map mulavarg

mulavarga bldg

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