Lord Krishna’s Technique of Meditation!

by Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji


Even Lord Krishna in Bhagwat Geeta, what he says? You meditate on me by chanting Om Tat Sat! Very clearly he says. But he says, you meditate on me. “Me” means not the form of Krishna, please understand. It is a Nirguna Upasana where Krishna is everywhere. Krishan is everywhere as a formless truth consciousness. The moment I close my eyes, when that space is there, when that aakasha is there, that darkness is there, that formless thing is there, that is Krishna.

That is what you see, Krishna, how he is represented with the color, not a bright, dark blue color. The sky color. What does the sky represent- Infinity. You go inside the sky, you start entering, you go deeper deeper could you able to find where is the sky started? Got this point? So that is represented symbolically to Lord Krishna. Shiva, how is he? So it is representation of infinity consciousness.

The moment I close my eyes, where I lose the body consciousness, where I lose my mind consciousness, what remains is that Chiddakasha. Chiddakasha, Chiddamabaram, that Chidda roopa, that parmatatva, Just expanding, growing, growing, growing. No form, no beginning, no end- That is Lord Krishna.

And with that understanding I am chanting Om Tat Sat.

Om means “I AM”

Tat mean “That”

Sat “The Truth”

I am the Truth.

You see that. How beautiful, highest meaning it is. I am that truth. “Om Tat Sat”

And where Om you become, Tat you become, Sat you become.


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