Lord Sri Ram, Hanuman & Hayagriva Sadhana


This Sadhana is designed for the youth. Its the Best sadhana of school and college students !


Objective of this sadhana is to Empower Youth with their inner potential and help them to manifest Successful Life


Eligibility: Age limit 14 to 65 years and should able to understand English

Date: 1st June 2024

Timing: 9.30AM to 2 PM

Registration Donation: FREE



Lord Sri Ram Moola Mantra to awaken soul qualities like peace, bliss, Joy & truth and also build good character, personality & divine virtues

Lord Hanuman Moola Mantra to awaken devotion, power, confidence, Discipline and skills etc

Lord Hanuman Raksha Mantra for overall protection from bad habits & people, Vehicle Accidents, psychic & tantric attacks, from negative thinking, emotions like depression, anxiety, stress, and mental disorders.

Lord Hanuman Karya Siddhi Mantra for education, job, marriage and abroad visa etc

Lord Hayagriva Lakshmi Moola Mantra to awaken intellectual ability & intelligence and help in all competitive exams  NEET, GATE, GMAT, CA, IAS, GRE etc

Spiritual Benefits:

Overcome Navagraha doshas specially Saturn, Mars and Rahu doshas

Overcome Negative Karmas and Past life Karmas

Overcome Maya of the world and cross the mundane life and start spiritual journey

Much More…



How to Register:

We can accommodate only 70 members in the hall. so please call to the following number and confirm your participation.


Prior confirmation is MUST.


Mobile: 7483528148 / 9901019177 


-Please Don’t send any mail for confirming your participation. Only call to the above mobile number and confirm. thanks
-Please don’t send any request for online/distance deeksha. Its only offered offline, Thanks




Sivapremananda Self-Realization Centre,
87, 3rd Main, Raghavendra Layout,
Bengaluru, Karnataka-560061
Land Mark: Gubbalala Lake
Mobile: 9901019177 / 7483528148


 Venue Map: Sivapremananda self-realization centre

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