Global Mahavarahi Trishati

Sri Mahavarahi Trishati sadhana combined with Srividya Varahi bija mantra

Destroy All  Evils, Misfortune, Doshas, Negative Karmas of your Life  !

Global Live Streaming Event

6th Jan 2024 (Saturday) at 9.30AM (IST)

Course Content:

The following stotra mantra deeksha is given by Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji :

  • Introduction to Mahavarahi Trishati Sadhana

  • How Mahavarahi Trishati Sadhana removes the Life problems and helps you transform your life

  • How to do Sri Mahavarahi Trishati sadhana daily

  • Sri Mahavarahi Trishati Strotra Mantra Deeksha 


1.Overcome Enemies Problems

2.Overcome Negativity and other Psychic Attacks

3.Overcome Naga/Sarpa dosha

4. Overcome KalaSarpa dosha 

5.Overcome Pitru dosha 

6.Burn Past Life Sticky Karmas

7.Overcome Health Problems

8. Manifest your life goals

9.Remove Speech related Problems in children’s and adults

10.Remove all obstacles related to child birth and childless issues.

11.Brings harmony and peace in family Relationship

12.Helps to overcome Job, Marriage and business related Obstacles

13.Much more…

Eligibility: Beginners



Date: 6th Jan 2024 (Saturday)

Time: 9.30AM to 2PM (IST)

Devotees from different countries please adjust your time zone with Indian standard Time:

Venue: Its Global Live Event that You can attend from your home only.

How to Register for Event:

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