Maintain Same Time & Place for Srividya Meditation to Attain Good Concentration

You should maintain same time, same place everyday. Same time, same place every day. This principle of time is very important in sadhana.

Consider a situation that I am preparing for any examination, its a aptitude test where timing is 9-12 ok. I want to perform my best in this aptitude test. What I need to do?  I have to train my mind during 9-12 so that it can solve the paper in the best possible way. If I regulary practice/study between 9-12, my potential to solve the question papers or give my best in the test can be managed.

Hence the “Principle of time” is very important.

For example, Every day if I start drinking tea at 7’O clock and I continue to do this for 1-2 weeks. After the 3rd week what happens?

At 7’O clock I am sleeping and a thought of tea will come in my mind. Yes or No?

You train your mind. You train your mind with your habit.

If I want to go deeper into the my meditation – what do I need to do? Use the same principle

Make a determination that at 7’O clock I should meditate. After 2-3 weeks, one month what happens?

Even you are sleeping, thought of divine mother will come. Even if you are sleeping you are in meditative state.  If I maintaining the same time what happens, I go deeper.

If you don’t maintain same time, what happens?

Today at 7’O clock a thought of tea will come. Tomorrow  I meditate at 10’O clock. 

During meditation a thought of office and business will come and you are not meditating on srividya sadhana at all.  You will be in the thoughts of your business. Your whole meditation will be in business only. Only 5-10 minutes you will be concentrating. After that your mind will take control of you .. because that is how it is pressurizing you  about very important need. 

One more thing that you should know is that your mind always wants to tell you that all other things in your life is more important than meditation.

When you sit into meditation, your mind is so powerful that it will come and tell you

“You go.. You need to do this today. You need go there. You have to pay that.. You have to do this” in meditation only.  When you are having tea or coffee it will not disturb you. This is the play of game – Maya.

You have to know that inside you there is one enemy. If you know how to make it as a friend, it will help you and make you as a King.

That is what we are going to teach Sidha Mind Power. “How to make your mind to listen“.

If your mind listens and accepts you, it becomes a belief because it enters into subconscious mind. Subconscious mind does not have any thinking ability. It only produces. It brings all situations and can make any impossible into a possible. Hence Kamadenu and Kalpavruksha is within us.We should know how to use it otherwise it is very difficult.

So maintain the same time. what does this help? It will help to train your mind. It will help you to have a good concentration. What I tell to many people is to Meditate on same day at same time. You will observe that after few days, automatically thoughts of divine mother will only come.

Then you will not struggle with your thoughts. As you progress, you will go into deeper levels of samadhis. You need not have to wait for years.

It is very important principle.

Second aspect is that wherever we sit and meditate, our energy is anchored.

Here I am sitting and invoking divine mother. What happens?

I am receiving whatever energy that is extra that is discharged into my surroundings. So when I sit and meditate on the same place, I get all the positive results. It is very important.

For example, if you are fighting in one place say hall or dining hall.

Every time you go there you feel irritated because that energy is there. I tell people to be careful about what they entertain in their home. Vastu of home is because of people than doors and walls. Vastu is because of you and not doors and walls. How much energy a door can create? How much energy can this window create? You are the energy machines. Every day from morning to evening you keep thinking and releasing the thoughts, energy and  feelings. Hence you are most important for Vastu than anything else. So it is very important to have positive energy, positive aura. How does positive energy, positive aura help? The day you start sitting, meditating, receiving and your aura starts expanding. Your physical body has a limitation. Energy body does not have a limitation! Astral body does not have a limitation! You can expand it to not just meters but to any Kilometres.

When Budha was sitting, his Aura used to be there for more than 10 Kilometres. Whoever goes to that place automatically becomes silent.  Even you can. As you progress in your sadhana, you rise your energy(divine energy of harmony, love and unconditional energy and aura). The moment the person thinking negative about comes near you, he will think positive about you.  This is how you make your enemy as your friend with your sadhana.  That is what your Tapobala, that is what is your Power of meditation that will make other enemy into your friend in your life.

A person is scolding. The moment he comes next to you, he becomes silent. Questions will go.

Some people come next to me, they don’t remember the questions. My aura is “full silence”. People will have questions and they come near me, the questions will not be there. Again they will come. So it is what your energy creates .. silence, acceptance and magnetic personality.

You will observer changes when you attend interviews. No matter how it is. Your words have so much power, charge and energy  because it is coming from soul – coming from your divine mother.

Hence same time, same place is very important.

But many times it is not possible to maintain same time. Many times it is not possible to maintain same place. In that case do your best and use the protection shield that we are going to teach. Because in you home you need to protect from your own thoughts.



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