Rajamatangi & Bhairav Sadhana

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Rajamatangi or Rajashyamala Sadhana:

RajaMatangi or Raja Shaymala is the Mantrini (prime minister) of Rajarajeshwari or Maha Tripura Sundari and has power over all mantras , particularly over their vocalisation and articulation.
She represents the power of attraction of Lalitambika. Her main purpose is to lead the spiritual aspirant towards union with Shiva Shakthi.In this form she is depicted as playing a Veena showing her musical and vibratory power. She is beautiful and carries various weapons in her hands. Another name of Rajamatangi is Madurai Minakshi whose colour is dark emerald green which is also the colour of the planet mercury that governs intelligence. She is often said to have a parrot in her hands which represents the powers of speech as inherent in nature. She sits on a throne made of gems.

Mathangi is the intelligible manifest sound. The primordial throb (adya spanda), which originates by the self-volition of the Supreme, starts a series of vibrations that take the form of nada.

Mathi is the thinking mind and Matha is thought. The unmanifest Word perceives itself for manifestation and then reaches the thinking mind for expression (Matanga). When the word fashioned by the heart and formulated by the mind is expressed it is Mathangi. The Word of pristine purity becomes colored during expression (varana). The speech descends from the Supreme Source; bring into expression only part of its Glory, hence the name Uchhista (Leftover) Chandali. By catching the tail end of the Word (articulated speech) one can get to the source. The worship of Matangi leads one to the realization of the residual above (Lalitambika).

Raja Mathangi is the Goddess presiding over Manifestation. Through Her, thought becomes “word”, unmanifest “sound” is struck into music, ideas unfold into expression, potential becomes “being”. Divine Consciousness becomes the created Universe.

Raja Mathangi is the highest of the Goddesses in that She allows all their powers and principles to be realized.


Worshipping Matangi will help the devotees to get an attractive and magnetic personality, sound articulation, and mastery over knowledge and skills. They can also influence others and gain control over enemies. Her blessings can offer protection against many impediments like, negative energies, marital discord, poor studies and career, memory loss, stammering and Sun’s malefic effects.

You will receive following Mantra Deeksha:

1.Sri Rajamatangi Mantra Deeksha (Highly effective hypnotizing & attraction mantra to  manifest fortune to you)

2.Ucchista Chandali/matangi Mantra deeksha (Ucchista means left over energy of creation(not leftover food as misunderstood by many) which can be used to manifest your dreams. its very powerful and tantric siddha Mantra like ucchista ganapathi)


Batuka Bahirava Sadhana:

You will receive following Mantra Deeksha:

Batuk Bhairava and Asta bhairava Mantra Deeksha

Lord Shiva in the form of Batuk Bhairava is the force that gives perfection in kundalini yoga or shakti tantra sadhana. Let us understand the meaning of BHAIRAVA.
BH = fear, who originates fear, one who removes fear, creates terror, protects from fear, god of all dead or living, creator of five elements,
AI = force which travels in the universe, the power that takes sadhak with him in universe, creator of many kinds of sounds in space, originator of words.
RA = God of Agni [ Agni Dev ] destroyer of all sins, destroyer of all sins, Destroyer of darkness inside the nadis, destroyer of agyan by Gyan, destroyer of sins of many births and rebirths, in the form of yagyagni, resultant of yagya.
VA = child, white coloured child like sphatic [a stone], that travels faster than the air, the originator of ten directions and God of these dishas. Destroyer of universe it remains in the form of air, brahma swaroop and that plays like child in this universe.


-Material and spiritual related problems, obstacles & dangers can be overcome.
-Overcome subconscious and conscious fears.
-Experience harmony in relationships especially in career & family life.
-Success and protection in spiritual tantra sadhana.
-Protection from hidden enemies, psychic attacks and tantric/spirit attacks.
-It brings Kary Siddhi in all your important works.
-Brings good fortune and fulfilment of your desires.

Contents of Workshop:

-Who is Matangi/Raj Matagi/Raja Shyamala?
-What is her role in Srividya Sadhana?
-Who is Ucchista Chandali and how she helps in our life?
-Why Matangeswari is called Goddess of Manifestation?
-How to do Mateneswari Sadhana with Srividya Mudra?
-Importance of Matangeswari in Srividya Sadhana etc.

-Who is Bhairava and Batuk Bhairava?
-How to invoke 8 forms of Bhairava and protect our self and family from all types of psychic, tantric negatives?
-How to use Asta Bhairava protection shield for healing, home and office etc.





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