Misconceptions about Bagalamukhi Devi!

– by Sri Sadguru Sivapremanandaji.

Some people have a very misconception, other day they came and asked – Guruji, is Srividya Sadhak can do Bagalamukhi Sadhana?  They think that it is a black magic goddess. Am literally telling, somebody told them that it is a black magic goddess, you should not worship her otherwise Lalithambika will be not coming to you… I was surprised! – Bagalamukhi , Lalithambika same – and both are coming from Srikula.

Bagalamukhi is not a black magic goddess. Of course, she can be used in tantras, she can be used in tantras, because she has taken that form. Kali also like this- she can be used as a tantric goddess to harm at the same time positive.

Even Ganapathy is also like that – Ucchista Ganapathy is used for a negative purpose also – becaue its Ucchista – the energy i.e. left over energy of creation I can use it for positive also..its  like electricity -use it for light a lamp or burn something. So, these are the energies that can be used in a positive or negative.

Bagalamukhi is not just that! please understand. So, she is the one if you really bow down , surrender to the Bagalamukhi she is very very helpful. She brings such a great transformation in your life – amazing results.

She also gives you self-realization and god-realization.


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