My energy is going out of Sahasrara Chakra – what does it indicate?

by Sri Sivapremananda

Guruji during sadhana, sometimes I feel like energy from entire body is moving to top and that heat or energy is going out from Sahasrar chakra. Sometimes like I’m lifted up into the air and I open my eyes suddenly. What does this indicate?

Whenever we do the sadhana, the energy starts to rise upwards. It is a vertical path where the kundalini energy ascends upwards. You are able to feel the energy ascension all the way to the Sahasrara Chakra and getting released. Actually, it is not getting released, but, it is the oneness with the universal consciousness. You feel that the entire energy is connected to the universe.

About your feeling of being lifted, it actually means you are able to feel the lightness in your body (or) you are feeling no body at all. You are feeling that you are inside the air and the gravitational force acting on you is a bit less – your consciousness, attention or energy is moving from Mooladhara Chakra to the higher level of consciousness. In other words, you are moving from a body consciousness to Soul consciousness where you are feeling no body, less body or feeling the expansion. You are able to go into a Soul consciousness during your meditation. This is a very positive sign.

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