Neti Neti. I am not that. I am not this – By Sri  Sadguru Sivapremanandji.

We identify ourselves as a body, mind, this person, that person, but our true identity is that I am not a body, I am not a mind, I am not all that everyone has said about me. The Sky doesn’t have its own identity. In India we represent Shiva as Akasha. Shiva’s nature is very similar to that of Akasha.  There is no origin of the sky no matter how deep we travel in it. It has no end. In the beginning we see that the sky has a blue colour but as you go more near you see that is not true. Similarly when we go deeper within ourselves  with the help of meditation we realise that what impressions we have of ourselves and the world are also not true.It is an illusion. We come to know that I am not a body, not a mind, not a thought ,not a belief, not a energy, actually nothing.Sadguru Thirumularji has given a technique to identify ourselves with a negative approach that is Neti Neti which in Sanskrit means I am not that. I am not this.Here in this technique we explore our true identity.


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