Power of Veda Vakya Mantras!

Sri Sadguru Siva Premanandaji –

“The moment I say “So-Hum”, the moment I say “Shivo-Hum”, my Aatma tatva, the soul principle get active.

The mantra to activate the soul principle, is the “So-Hum”.

The mantra to activate the Shiva tatva, the Shiva principle is the “Shivohum”.

The mantra to activate the Dattatraya tatva is, “Dattohum”.

The mantra to activate Divine Mother Consciousness is, “Bhavanitvam”.

You see that? All these are very powerful mantras. But these mantras don’t have “Om”, they don’t have high level Bheeja mantras like Shreem, Hreem and all, nothing is there. But they will take you directly to the Source, that is the power of these mantras!

So-Hum will take you directly there! You will fly with freedom – from the mind, body, and all the attachments – you are just in that Consciousness. So they are very powerful mantras – they are very very powerful! That is why we call them as “Veda Vakyas”.

Even “Aham-Brahmasmi – Aham Brahma Asmi” where –

Brahman – is the Soul or the Parama Tatva.

Aham – I am That

Asmi – I live in that state only, as it is!

This is a very powerful mantra. Because everyday my mind is thinking that “I am a body, I am a body, I am a body, I am a body …..”. That is the problem! Problem is the continuous thinking that we are the body.

I am Raju, I am Ramesh, I am this, I am that, I am Enginner, I am Doctor, I am this…. all of these are false identifications happening day and night – 12 hours this only.

Now to overcome this, what I need to do? I should say that – ” I am not this, I am not this, I am not this”, means – ” I am That, I am That, I am That, I am Shiva, I am Shiva, I am Brahman, I am Brahman…!”. You have to repeat and tell continuously, then it goes to your sub-conscious mind, you see that?

Until and unless your realization don’t go to the sub-conscious mind, and if it is not your sub-conscious feeling, then it is not realization!

Why we say, mantra should be chanted one lakh times, two lakh times, five lakh times? Because, it has to, by repeatition, enter to the sub-conscious mind, make a memory centre, and once it is a memory centre, it becomes a feeling for the sub-conscious mind and sub-conscious mind starts connecting to the Universe and according to the Universal Law of Correspondence, according to Universal Law of Vibration, according to Universal Law of Resonance, it will start bringing that tatva, that knowledge to your soul and it becomes your realization and you become lifted!

You see that science! How beautiful it is!”

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