Sri Rajarajeswari Pratyangira Sadhana


Eligibility: Should be Completed Srichakra Puja deeksha from us


Dates will be announced in Jan 2020




  • Atharvan BhadraKali Mantra deeksha

  • Brahma Pratyangira Mantra deeksha

  • Narayani Pratyangira Mantra deeksha

  • Rudra Prayangira Mantra deeksha

  • Ultimate Sri Rajarajeswari Pratyangira Mantra deeksha – Its a very powerful mantra offered first time to srividya sadhaks that is combined with all the powers of Srividya Panchadasi mantra, Brahma, Narayani & Rudra Pratyangira Mantra.

  • Pratyangira Khadgamala Mantra deeksha

  • Pratyangira Mandala Formation for healing and Protection

  • Many more….

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