Ramayan & Mahabharat – Story of Soul Journey!

By Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji


Our puraanas, if you go deeper level – Ramayana and Mahabharata – what is the character? How it is connected to my soul? How it is connected to my prana? How it is connected to my chakras? How it is connected to my main naadis? How it is connected to my body? How it is connected to my ego? And if you go on, little bit think and see the characters, their names are so powerful. The names are having a very good meaning and power – and they connect you to all of that. So that will make you think , think and go deeper beyond the story, go to esoteric meaning, beyond that Ramayana.

You see, it’s beautiful : Rama, Yana. Who is the “Rama” – the soul. “Yana” means the journey towards the soul. And all characters start coming. When I walk my path from human to Divine, how much you start struggling? What is the help you need? And how it goes? “Hanumana” – another name is MahaPraana. Lord Rama himself is our Lord, then why did he need a Hanumana to win over Ravana? This question comes. See, static consciousness is the “Rama”. Dynamic consciousness is the “Hanumana”. Static consciousness cannot win the mind without having the help of the dynamic consciousness. Mind is the “Seetha” – that is absorbed by “Ravana”, that is the body. You see that.

If you go deeper level, you realize the truth that Ramayana is written for you. Mahabharata is written for you. Bhagwad-Geetha is written for you. Bible, Quran, everything is written for you, to give a deeper meaning. All the Vedas, Upanishads, are telling that go and find the truth about yourself. Know thyself.

Even the Mahabharata – how beautiful it is! Five husband having one wife. Now it is twenty first century. Can you legally accept that five people have one wife? Is it possible? It is not possible. It will make you think – how is it possible that panch-pandavas are having one wife, Draupadi. It makes you think. And if you go deeper level, you realize that these panch-pandavas are nothing but our senses and “Draupadi” is nothing but the mind. And these panch-pandavas start playing the game – jujata – that is the pleasure game that we play in this world, the senses play in this world. They forget the Krishna and these senses don’t help the mind. Mind has to call Krishna, Krishna… There is a secret – if you want to protect the mind, you need to take the name of God. Then only you are protected. Then Krishna sends the saree. What is the meaning of saree – it protects her. That means – when I take the name of the Lord, it protects me from all types of negativities. So if I go to the deeper level, “Duryodhana” is us with ego mind, cunning mind. Where is Shakuni? He is us. When this mind is focused on listening to the Krishna – you become Arjuna. Ok? When your mind is involved with all the senses and ego, you become Duryodhana. Everyone is inside and everyday Mahabharata is going on. From morning to evening.

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