Real form of Divine Mother Tripura Sundari

By Sadguru Sri Sivapremanandaji


They have made this Chidambaram rahasya. If you go to this temple there is a Nataraja, Shivakami statue on this side. Another side only there is a small Garland put like this and behind that there is nothing just space. They wanted to give the Truth form and formless. Many people say by this way they go to the heaven. In chidambaram there is a way to go to the sky and heaven, kailasa. If you know that from chidambaram you can go. What it means? You can go heaven if you could able to find that space in you chidakasha, chaitanya svarupa.

This sky is the representation of that unlimited unmolded consciousness. Can you go and find the depth of the sky? Is it possible? Yes? Is it possible? You go on finding, finding, finding could you able to reach it? That is You. That is Divine. When it is a soul consciousness you experience this fact. You see that you are just you know expanding, expanding, expanding, floating whatever it is there is no end. It is just going, going, going, going to become the sky. That’s what one of the great siddha Bhagawan Nityananda in the North India wrote Chidakasha. Okay he has written some of the verse that is called with that name. Because all the siddhas were worshippers of Akasha, Chidakasha and you see that from muladhara to you go here what happens? You go muladhara – earth element then water then fire, air, akasha. So what happens? When you do the mantra chanting it converts earth element into sky. Sky to here (3rd eye) what is the element? Guru, Shiva. Here (sahasrara) Ananda, Parashiva, Parashakti, Paramatma. So I need to go from earth, this body to pure consciousness. That is the Truth.

Everything is given here. Can you see the map? Can you see the map? How to go? Earth then you need to convert yourself water then fire then air then you need to convert yourself to space then you become Guru tatva, Shiva, Namahshivay, Self realization then you go with God realization, Lalithambika, Adi Parashakti. Then what you know? I am. The moment you say “I am” that means it is Shiva, that means it is Lalithambika, that means it is Rajarajeshwari, that means it is Tripura Sundari.

Tripura = three cities. Cities nothing but consciousness. Three worlds. What are three worlds we work all the time? Waking state, subconscious dream state and then sleep. If you transcend these three what you get is turiyatita, thoughtless, pure consciousness. You don’t have a thought. You are just peaceful, blissful awareness. Okay? The one who rules these three is Tripura Sundari. Sundari is beauty of these three worlds. The beauty of this world, the beauty of this letter means the form of this paper can be this because of that force. Yes or no? If you destroy those atoms what happens? This paper form disappears. So who is beautiful? It is Divine Mother.Tripura Sundari who is the real beauty. Satyam Shivam Sundaram. So it is Divine who is the real beauty. Because she is the sustainer no? You eat the food. Who is really taking care of this body? It is Divine okay. Who is taking care of this skin? Of course we think we are really doing it. We are applying the vaseline, we are doing this. Yes we are you know managing. But if you manage for the dead body is it possible? I go you know with makeup set and put, make a decorative body then how long can you manage it? So who is the real beauty then? Is it Divine? Yes

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